Thursday, September 12, 2013

Wantable Box Review Part 2: Nail Polish

Hey guys, I am back again with the second and final part of my Wantable Box review. I realized I forgot to tell you about the Wantable Boxes that I am reviewing in my excitement to show you guys the first part, so I am gonna take a little time to tell you about them this time.

Wantable boxes are subscription boxes. When you go on their site, you sign up, and then you are able to choose first if you want accessories or makeup for your box. You answer a few questions to get the box tailored to only things you like. You will never get anything you dislike. Then you choose if you want to subscribe to get boxes each month or just buy a single box. You can subscribe for $36 a month or buy a single box for $40. You can choose to skip a month or cancel at any time. In your box, you will get a bunch of full sized products, never trial sizes unless they add in a sample for free. Also, if you dislike what you get in your box, you are allowed to ship it back to them for free.

Now that I have all of that out of the way, I want to show you guys the three polishes that I got. These are all from the brand Laqa & Co., which retail for $11 on their site.

They all came in boxes like the one above.

The first one I have up to show you guys is called Greedy Guts. This is your typical bright red polish. I only needed two coats for this one. Application was great, but cleanup was a little messy, so sorry for the messy swatch.

Next up is Nookie, a nice magenta/fuchsia color. I used one to two coats for this swatch. Application was great. I love colors like this, so pretty!

The third and last one in the bunch is called Blurple. It is more of a brownish purple in person, but no matter if I took the picture on my phone or digital camera, it came out a darker purple. I used just one coat for this swatch. Application was great again.

Well, that's the end of my Wantable box review. I hope you guys enjoyed it, because I sure loved getting my box and seeing what was inside that I had to show you guys!

That's all for tonight. Talk to you guys later, bye!


  1. Thanks !! We love those polishes :) Great photos! - Team Wantable

  2. Love nookie! I have a box coming and I hope it has polish.