Friday, December 30, 2016

L.A. Colors Minis

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Hey guys!

I am back today, right before the end of the year, with one last post!

I have a group of polishes that I swatched last week but didn't have time to post them up.

These are some L.A. Colors minis. My mom picked up a set of around 10-16 of these for me some time ago. They had a variety of colors. There were more blues and pinks than anything so I decided to group them up in colors.

The first group I have to show you guys are all pinks or corals. None of these colors have names.

The first one I have to show you is a nice orangey coral. I did three coats. Application was great and it cleaned up well.

Second, this one is a nice bright pink, almost neon. It reminds me of the 80s a lot. Application was great. I did three coats. Bright colors freak out my camera so I had trouble getting a clear shot.

The third one I have to show you is my favorite of the group. This one is a medium pink, with a metallic shimmer, sorta frosty look. Application was great on this as well, and cleaned up nicely. I did three coats. I love colors like this, not too fussy but still has something special.

This next one is the only glitter one that was pink in this set. It has orange, purple, white, and pink hex and circle glitters in a super sheer pink base. The base comes out almost clear on the nail. Application was good, but it was a little tough to get enough glitters out, and out evenly. I did three coats.

Last up, this one is the darkest of the group. This is a bright magenta, but dark, if you get my drift. It is like a neon. I did three coats. It was still sheer even after three coats as you can see some visible nail line. Application was great.

As always I love L.A. Colors polishes. These are such pretty and cute colors and are good for layering glitters on top of!

Well, that's all I have for you guys for now. I will talk to you all later, bye!

Friday, December 23, 2016

Leesha's Lacquer Super Giveaway!

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Hey guys!

I am back again!

I promised you guys last night that I would finally give you guys a giveaway. It has been forever and a day since I did a giveaway on my blog. My buddy from Leesha's Lacquers sent me tons of polishes which I showed you all yesterday. She said I could giveaway any dupes or polishes I saw fit.

I put together a nice little group of polishes that I think you guys would be very excited to get the chance to win. Her polishes are the best so you really don't want to miss out on this giveaway.

I have six polishes for you guys to have the chance to win. Not six individual prizes, but one winner gets this whole bundle!

I am giving away Pretty in Pink, a pink and holo glitter, a full size bottle. Another full size, you will get Raspberry Beret, a holo deep pink. Then you will get a mini bottle of enchanted, a frosty lilac. Then you will receive three of her nail treatments. A full size bottle of her quick dry top coat in Lilac Blooms. Then two mini bottles, one of her base coat and one of her cuticle oil in the scent clean laundry.

To participate, just enter the Rafflecopter below. It starts at 12am on Christmas day and lasts until January 8th.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Thank you everyone for following and reading my blog and I hope you enjoy this giveaway!  

Thursday, December 22, 2016

Nail Mail Time! Leesha's Lacquer Super Package!

*Products Sent to Me

Hey guys! I have been so busy with work and with the holidays that my blog has been pushed to the back for now. I am back though!

I have to show you guy this fantastic package that I got in the mail last week from my best nail buddy, Alicia, from Leesha's Lacquers.

Recently, I sent her two packages. They were crammed full of nail polish that I no longer wanted, like hundreds in each package. Cheap ones, middle mainstream ones, higher end ones, and indies. She was so happy to get all of these polishes, and I was happy to give them to her instead of spending too much time trying to swap them or jut let them collect dust.

I didn't expect anything in return and told her not to send me anything, but low and behold, she told me she was putting together a package with a bunch of her own brands nail polishes. Older colors, newer colors, minis, tops coats, you name it!

When I opened the package, it was just bunches and bunches of polishes wrapped up. It took me nearly 15 mins to open them all.

Here is a group shot of all of them. I attempted to make a triangle but I think the angle I got the picture at distorted it, but you can see all of the colors.

The first of the bunch that I was sent were with her current bottle look. Small round bottles with a clear label on the bottle and black tops.

The light was bright that day, so it is a little hard to see. These five all have her new logo like I mentioned, a white bunny with her brand's name in the middle. These are all one of a kinds. From left, the first one is a sheer frosty white with glitter, second is a frosty medium pink with scattered holo glitter. The third one is a medium purple filled with scattered holo glitter. Fourth, this one has Halloween/fall type colors. It has black, orange, yellow, and red glitters. Lastly, the one on the far right is a dark grey/black polish filled with pinky purple glitter.

Next up are the ones using her oldest bottle styles and logo. These have white tops with an octagon bottle. The logo is a white circle with her brand's name, and between the name is a small black bunny.

This group again are all one of a kinds. Instead of describing them all cause this group is bigger than the last, I will just say thee colors are all glitters and range from white and pink glitter, purple, red, to darker colors like dark red, dark purple, and dark blue.

These are her mini polishes. She sent me minis in her quick dry top coat, cuticle oil, and base coat. The top coat is in the scent mango paradise and the cuticle oil's scent is called clean laundry. The base coat has no special scent.

Next up, these are more of her mini polishes. Only the first two have names. They are both the same color, and are called Enchanted. It is a metallic frosty lavender. The rest are metallic and glitter polishes, and range from purple to orange to green to brown.

Next up are three full size bottles. Two top coats and a base coat.

The two top coats are in the scents Lilac Blooms and Bubble Gum. The base coat does not have a scent.

Next. these are some polishes she sent me are in her second style bottle. Black tops with the same logos as the ones with the white caps, bit the bottle is long and round. These are all shimmery, metallic, earthy colors.

I will name these in order. First, this one has no name, but it is a beige micro holo. Second, this one is a light brow micro holo, no name for this one. Third, this one is called "AU There: I See You Over There!". The fourth one is called "Mellow Yellow". The orange one is called "I Don't Carrot All". The last one, which is more lime green in person, is called "Lime Yours".

These ones are also shimmers and metallics, but more pastel, bright, girly colors. These are in the same bottles as the last one.

The first and last ones have no name, but the three in the middle do. The second one is called "Strawberry Daiquiri". The next two are the same color, both named "Raspberry Beret".

This last group has the same bottles as the last two groups. These are all glitters.

These guys are named in order. First, Fruity O's Cereal. Second, Superball. Third, Ions of Neon. Fourth, Tequila Sunrise. Fifth and Sixth are the same color, named Pretty in Pink. Seventh, this is called Vegas Lights. Eighth, Supernova. The last one in the group is called Rainbow in a Bottle.

In total, I was sent 50 nail polishes, which brings my total of Leesha's lacquer polishes to 87! I love her polishes so much and she is the nicest person too!

To celebrate this generous haul, and to bring my blog back, tomorrow I will have a giveaway for you guys for six of these polishes. I won't give any hints as to which ones, it could be top coats, glitters, an orange and green, just gotta wait and see. Until tomorrow guys!