Monday, March 27, 2017

Vacation Nails!

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Hey guys!

Sorry I have been away for a little while. I was on a trip last week, and then stuff in my life happened that I don't wanna talk about but it made me rethink things in my life, so I was preoccupied.

I did my nails before my trip, which was to Texas to see my sister and her husband, and I took a pic of them as I was connecting from one flight to the next. I just haven't been up to posting this mani until now. I figured I should do it before the month is over.

Right before I went on my trip, I painted my nails with two different, lovely blues. Here are my nails in between flights:

This was taken with my Iphone 5 so excuse the quality of the photo.

On all of my fingers except my ring finger, I used Revlon Colorstay: Gel Envy in Try Your Luck. It is a nice metallic navy blue with micro shimmer. I have on three coats with topcoat. I really like this color a lot. It has a lot of dimension in the light. I forgot to put the Colorstay: Gel Envy top coat so it didn't last as long as it could, but it did last almost all week.

On my ring finger, I have Sinful Colors in Tealing Power. It is a nice bright teal filled with white and silver shimmer and flakies. I did three coats with topcoat. This color comes from their Stoned: Crystal Shimmer collection. I love this color. While it looks like something already out there, honestly I can't picture any other brand that has a polish even close to this one.

Both polishes can be purchased at Walgreens. Revlon can be found in any drugstore or big box store with a makeup section near you.

Well, that's all I have for you for now. I will talk to you all later, bye.

Friday, March 10, 2017

Covergirl Outlast: Stay Brilliant in Fuchsia Flame

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Hey guys!

I am back today with another lovely Covergirl Outlast nail polish.

I had this one swatched for quite a while, but just haven't had the motivation to get around to posting about it. I was off today so I figured today should be the day.

This is Fuchsia Flame! It is a lovely dark pink/purple filled with micro silver/holo glitter.

I did three coats by itself. This is such a pretty color, and I love the subtle glitter. I love that is has a little bit of a color shift from dark pink to purple to medium pink in the light. 

Cleanup on this was okay, but it did stain the cuticles a little bit, as you can see on my pointer finger.

Covergirl Outlast nail polishes retail for around $6 in most drugstores and superstores.

Well, that's all I have for you guys for now. I will talk to you all later, bye!

Thursday, February 23, 2017

Sinful Colors: Sinful Shine's Coveted Prosecco

*Product Purchased By Myself

Hey guys!

I am back today to share with you the nail polish that was the hottest thing around about a year ago when it came out, Prosecco!

I finally was able to find it in Walgreens one day. I had been wanting it since I saw it posed by a polish blogger when it first came out. I went looking all over, every store that I knew sold Sinful Colors. I hadn't seen it ever in stores until a few weeks ago. I was so excited to finally add it to my collection, and I had to show you guys. 

I know you guys all know of this color and what it looks like, but I am too excited to really care right now!

Here it is again, Prosecco!

This is a wonderful light brown/beige/grey polish filled with micro golden flecks. I say three different colors cause depending on the light, it can shift in color, as you can tell in my photo above.

I did three coats by itself. It is such a gorgeous color! I think it was well worth the buy, definitely. Well worth the wait, as well. It is so sparkly and such a unique color. It held up decently as it is supposed to be like a gel, but I think it could have held up better.

Sinful Shine polishes can be found in stores like Walgreens for $2.99.

Well, that's all I have for you guys for now. I will talk to you all later. Bye!

Sunday, February 12, 2017

Revlon's Stunner

*Products Purchased By Me

Hey guys!

I am back today with some animal print!

I remember a little while back, leopard print glitter nail polish was all the rage. I love animal print in general, so I had to try this trend. I wasn't able to get a hold of any cause as far as I knew only indies did leopard print glitter.

I recently was out at Walgreens and spotted the Revlon nail polish display, and noticed they had a new polish shade. I was surprised to see they made a leopard spotted glitter topper.

It is called Stunner, and I topped it over Loreal Paris' Brit Invasion, which is a mauvey-brown with holo glitter. I did two coats, but had to fish out all of the chunky leopard glitter.

It has micro small gold and white glitters, white bar glitter, and white leopard/cheetah chunky glitters. Like I mentioned, it was very difficult to get any of the leopard glitter out. For that reason, I don't recommend that you pick up this glitter unless you are okay with fishing out your glitter, which I am not.

I really like the look, cause I love animal print, but the struggle is not worth it at all. If you really want this though, you can pick it up anywhere they sell Revlon for around $7.

Well, that's all I have for you guys for now. I will talk to you all later, bye!

Sunday, January 22, 2017

High End Time! Shimmers and Glitters, Oh My!

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Hey guys!

I am back today with my first new post for the new year!

I wanna show you three new-ish polishes I got, and these are all high end polishes.

First up, this one is from CND Vinylux. This color is called Fragrant Freesia. It is a light pink/beige with lovely small clear-silver flakies throughout. I did three coats by itself. I really like this color. Typically I go for bright colors or darker shades with impact or glitter filled ones, but this one really interests me. I love the color shift in the light from beige to pink and the flakies make it so pretty.

Next up, this one shifts gears to something more bright and fun. This is from Butter London, and the name of it is Inky Six. It is a glitter packed aqua. It has a dark blue base packed full with blue and teal micro glitters that make this look aqua on the nail, though my camera couldn't capture that. I did three coats by itself. This is such a fun color, I haven't seen colors like this in a while.

Last up, this one is from Illamasqua. This one is called Phallic. It is a super dark navy with micro blue shimmer throughout. I did three coats by itself. This one is a bit sheer. I had the most trouble photographing this one. I swatched this one weeks ago, but it didn't come out good so I decided to try again and I managed to get a decent shot.

CND Vinylux polish is found in salons and on It can be purchased anywhere from $6 to $11.

Butter London polishes can be purchased from Nordstrom, Ulta, Amazon, TJMaxx, and other retailers. You can purchase these from around $4.99 at TJMaxx and $18 in other stores.

Illamasqua so far can be found on their website and on Amazon. They retail for around $18.

Well, that's all I have for you guys for now, I hope you enjoyed! I will talk to you all later, bye!

Friday, December 30, 2016

L.A. Colors Minis

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Hey guys!

I am back today, right before the end of the year, with one last post!

I have a group of polishes that I swatched last week but didn't have time to post them up.

These are some L.A. Colors minis. My mom picked up a set of around 10-16 of these for me some time ago. They had a variety of colors. There were more blues and pinks than anything so I decided to group them up in colors.

The first group I have to show you guys are all pinks or corals. None of these colors have names.

The first one I have to show you is a nice orangey coral. I did three coats. Application was great and it cleaned up well.

Second, this one is a nice bright pink, almost neon. It reminds me of the 80s a lot. Application was great. I did three coats. Bright colors freak out my camera so I had trouble getting a clear shot.

The third one I have to show you is my favorite of the group. This one is a medium pink, with a metallic shimmer, sorta frosty look. Application was great on this as well, and cleaned up nicely. I did three coats. I love colors like this, not too fussy but still has something special.

This next one is the only glitter one that was pink in this set. It has orange, purple, white, and pink hex and circle glitters in a super sheer pink base. The base comes out almost clear on the nail. Application was good, but it was a little tough to get enough glitters out, and out evenly. I did three coats.

Last up, this one is the darkest of the group. This is a bright magenta, but dark, if you get my drift. It is like a neon. I did three coats. It was still sheer even after three coats as you can see some visible nail line. Application was great.

As always I love L.A. Colors polishes. These are such pretty and cute colors and are good for layering glitters on top of!

Well, that's all I have for you guys for now. I will talk to you all later, bye!

Friday, December 23, 2016

Leesha's Lacquer Super Giveaway!

*Products Sent to Me

Hey guys!

I am back again!

I promised you guys last night that I would finally give you guys a giveaway. It has been forever and a day since I did a giveaway on my blog. My buddy from Leesha's Lacquers sent me tons of polishes which I showed you all yesterday. She said I could giveaway any dupes or polishes I saw fit.

I put together a nice little group of polishes that I think you guys would be very excited to get the chance to win. Her polishes are the best so you really don't want to miss out on this giveaway.

I have six polishes for you guys to have the chance to win. Not six individual prizes, but one winner gets this whole bundle!

I am giving away Pretty in Pink, a pink and holo glitter, a full size bottle. Another full size, you will get Raspberry Beret, a holo deep pink. Then you will get a mini bottle of enchanted, a frosty lilac. Then you will receive three of her nail treatments. A full size bottle of her quick dry top coat in Lilac Blooms. Then two mini bottles, one of her base coat and one of her cuticle oil in the scent clean laundry.

To participate, just enter the Rafflecopter below. It starts at 12am on Christmas day and lasts until January 8th.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Thank you everyone for following and reading my blog and I hope you enjoy this giveaway!