Thursday, October 31, 2013

Wet n Wild Wet Shine Swatches

Hey guys! Today I have a big post for you with a lot of polishes.

I have a group of 13 Wet n Wild Wild Shine polishes, all that I purchased myself.

It took me a while to swatch them all, because I get tired after swatching two or three polishes, but I had six left to do tonight and I decided that I should just bust them all out and be done with them!

Finally, I have them all done to show you. Since I did a few at a time, nail lengths will be much different on a lot of the images, and picture quality is different because I used both my smartphone and my digital camera. Also, this one won't have much in terms of reviewing, since these were all done at different times.

Here are all of the swatches I have up to show you:

The first one up is Night Prowl. This is a black based polish with lots of purple flecks and glitter. I love this color, and usually I am a bright color or pastel person.

Second up, this one is called Rain Check. This color is more of a blue based grey, sorta metallic. I think it looks better in the bottle and better before taking photos. Also, it didn't apply the greatest.

Third one I have to show you is called Teal Slowly and See. The name makes absolutely no sense as this is a nice, bright blue polish. I really love this color, it's so vibrant and pretty.

Fourth one up is called Listening to Blue Reed. I love this color too, a nice middle of the road blue and so shiny!

This is the fifth one I have to show you. This polish is called Caribbean Frost. I remember that this one didn't want to photograph well, this is the best shot I got and it isn't even that great. I do love the color though.

This next one is called Frosted Fuchsia. I love this color, a nice, bright, shimmery pink that is close to a duochrome consistency without it actually being a duochrome.

Seventh up, this is Wild Card. Sorry about the super short nails, I am not liking this shot. The color is mauve, and it shimmers.

The eighth polish up that I have to show you is called Eggplant Frost. I love how this color appears shimmery and medium purple in the bottle, and just transformed in pictures.

This one is called Lavender Pearlescent. It is not at all lavender, this is actually a more metallicy, baby pink polish.

Next up, this one is called Blue Moon. I only did one coat for this one. It didn't appear this sheer until I started taking pictures of it.

This is the 11th polish. I love this one, it is called Bijou Blue. It's a metallic blue polish, more of a aqua blue.

The 12th one up is called Pom Pom Kelly. The name is just different than the others, with no color in the name like them. I did two coats, and it was so bright that it didn't photograph well.

Finally, the last one that I have to show you, is called Lavender Creme. Again, this name makes no sense, as this is a nice pink that is kinda between a baby pink and a bright pink.

I hope you guys enjoyed the swatch-a-thon of images! Wet n Wild Wild Shine nail polish retails for $0.99 each, and can be found basically anywhere you get polish, such as Walmart, Kmart, Target, CVS, Walgreens, and more.

Thanks for reading this huge post, and I hope you enjoyed yourself. Talk to you guys later, bye!

Monday, October 28, 2013

Butter London and LVX Swatches

Hey guys, I am back today with some FABULOUS polishes.

Recently I won a giveaway over on LVX's Facebook page. I won two of their polishes, Cashmere and Indigo Bleu. They are unable to ship to Hawaii, so I had a good online friend get the package shipped to her, and then she sent it along to me. It finally came today and tonight I just had to try them out.

I also just went to Nordstrom Rack yesterday, and this one here is relocating just down the street so they had a lot of clearance. Along with a Butter London Lippy I got for $1, I got Butter London Shambolic for $1. SCORE!

LVX retails for $16 each, and Butter Lond retails for $15 each, so these are the most expensive polishes I have in my collection. I am very excited to have, in my opinion, some luxury polishes finally!

Since they are both high end, I decided to swatch them for the same post. I used a USB LED light and my digital camera for all shots. I really want to get my digital camera to work for all shots now, so I am trying to make it work. Sometimes my tan skin comes out bright white, sorry about that!

First up, I have Butter London Shambolic. As per Butter London's website, this is how they describe the color, "A vibrant magenta nail lacquer flecked with red, blue and gold micro-particles. This sultry glitter channels a distinctly retro, 70’s feel. High impact sparkle for Disco Divas." I did three coats, but it appears more thin and sheer in the photo than it did in real life. I needed no cleanup at all.

Next up, I have to show you those two gorgeous jelly/creme polishes I won from LVX.

Here is Cashmere. This is described on LVX's website as follows: "The perfect muted bright, Cashmere is a cool gray that conquers the typical deep autumnal hues. This refreshing neutral pairs well with every color in the palette. For a classic look, pair Cashmere with deep shades of blue and red." I did one coat on my pointer and pinky, and two on my middle and ring, only because I did one thick coat on two nails and the other two didn't match up. I am not a fan of plan colors, but for some reason I kinda love this. This required no cleanup at all!

The last polish I have to show you, which is the second of the two LVX polishes, is Indigo Bleu. This one is described by LVX as "A unique twist to the classic maritime hue, Indigo Bleu is the ultimate dark and mysterious shade for the season. With its mix of deep and intricate purple and blue undertones, this new bleu grounds our palette and provides us with a sultry dark to be paired with the brights of Spring." I did one coat only, and needed cleanup for this one. I kept this one on for both of my hands as it goes with my outfit for tomorrow.

Well, I hope you guys enjoyed my swatches. LVX can be purchased from their site here and Butter London polishes can be purchased on their site here.

That's it! I will talk to you guys later, bye!

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

The Devil Wears Polish Swatches and Review

Hey guys, hope you are enjoying entering the giveaway! I am back today with another fabulous brand to review. This time, I get to review some lovely polishes sent to me by my blogger and polish maker buddy Tami Willis over at The Devil Wears Polish.

The Devil Wears Polish is a semi-new indie brand, she first was a blogger and then got interested in trying to make polish and then during the summer, she finally decide to make polish to sell to others. She has a Storenvy page, with currently 57 polishes for sale. She is constantly trying to create new polishes and coming up with ideas. She is really known for her holographic polishes and those are what sell the most from her shop.

She sent me three mini polishes to review. One holo, one shimmer with a little bit of holographic, and one glitter with a bit of a base. Let's get to the swatches.

First up, this one is called Damn Near Angelic. This is a light pink linear holographic polish. I only had to do two coats for the swatches, it covered that well. I love the holo in this, it really stands up well and was so easy to photograph. Under the same light, my camera can make it look like I took photos of the same mani in different lights when I didn't. Here are two swatches under the same light, but photographed different:

Next up, this one is called Protoype Sample, so this is something she is testing out and isn't an item in her shop yet. This one has a brown-ish copper color with a bit of a shimmer, and what appears to be a little bit of a holo, but I could be wrong. This was hard to photograph, this one is the only one taken with my cell's camera. I did two coats for the swatch.

The last one I have to show you is called Indian Summer. This is a "gorgeous copper jelly base containing copper hex, dark copper micro hex, and small gold dots". I did three coats alone. I think it's very pretty, and reminds me of fall and the color of leaves and chestnuts, even if it does have summer in the name.

The Devil Wears Polish is available on their Storenvy shop. Polish ranges from $5.25-$12.

Well, that's all I have for you guys today. I hope you enjoyed! Talk to you guys later, bye!

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Huge New Indie Polish Giveaway!

Hey guys, if you have been following my Facebook, you may have heard something was a brewing after my just finished giveaway was over. Well, here is what I was planning the entire time!

A huge giveaway, in which all of the participants are new indie brands! All of these brands I have worked with before, so I felt comfortable asking them if they wanted to participate in this new idea i had. This idea was inspired by another big indie giveaway that started weeks ago with bigger indie brands.

I decided on this idea for a giveaway because I know how hard it is for a new polish brand to get sales early on, and to get people to even bother to take a look at what they have to offer, and I also wanted everyone to know of these polish brands that I loved reviewing for and I think everyone needs to know they exist!

I have a total of 14 new indie brands that are participating! I am so excited for you guys to meet all of these new brands in this giveaway.

So, here is all of the brands and what they are giving away for this giveaway, which is my biggest giveaway I have put together yet, and I am so excited! (I know, I probably will say that even more later in this post):

Classic Films Cosmetics is giving away two of her newest polishes, Queen of the Pirates and The Screaming Skull, both full size

Glitzy Glazes is giving away their Halloween collection, which they called The Mansion is Haunted Collection, which includes Cadaverous Pallor, Crypt Doors Creek (glitter top coat), Dying To Meet You, and Grim Grinning Ghosts (glitter top coat), plus a spider ring, a spooky nail file, a lolly-pop, and two chocolates

Lacquer Queen Polish is giving away any two polishes from their shop of the winner's choice, in full size bottles

Mandyland Polish is giving away two fabulous polishes. On the left is Venus, a duochrome topper, and on the right, Ob-la-di, ob-la-da, a black and white glitter topper.

Mi Amor Polish is giving away one full size bottle of one of her polishes, called Pride, which is a bright, colored filled glitter topper.

MLO Polish is giving away three polishes: Jett, which is a rich black, New Years Day, which has lots of multi size dots and is full of color, It's Shiny Captain is a chrome with a subtle holo effect, nail art stickers, nail polish stickers, lots of diamontes, spangles and nail studs.

Paint Shop Polish is giving away two mini polishes, in Samcro (blue to black duochrome) and Sambel (green to black duchrome)

Sinsiter Benediction is giving away JPG (red color shifitng topcoat) and Aqua Illusion (blue to purple multichrome)

Spiffy Polish is giving away Also, I can kill you with my brain and My ancestors sent a little lizard?, both in full size

The Devil Wears Polish is giving away Space Punk, one of her limited edition polishes, which is a glitter topper

Vapid Lacquer is giving away their complete Halloween Collection in full size: Harvest moon, Smell my feet, it's fall y'all, and It's alive, plus a mini of Hollow, another of their Halloween polishes


 Glitterfied Nails is giving away one full size bottle of their polish in the winner's choice of color


Sick Lacquers is giving away three full size bottles of their polish in the winner's choice of colors.

Flutterby Lacquer is giving away five polishes: cougar pride , frankensteins guts, call me maybe , hangin tough, celestial dreams, plus nail art supplies.

Leesha's Lacquers is giving away one full size and two mini polishes:
Blueberry Blitz, Fruity Patooty and Love of Lime.

Here are the Rafflecopters to enter. MLO is making her prize international, so lucky for you intentional guys, you have a chance to win a fabulous prize package from her.
a Rafflecopter giveaway
a Rafflecopter giveaway

Giveaway begins today and ends on November 4. I hope you guys enjoy this giveaway!

Until next time guys, bye! 

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Jordana Glitters Sequins

Hey guys, today I don't have any reviews for you. I am just here to show you a pretty mani that I just did tonight for fun.

I decided to use a new polish that I picked up at Kmart on Sunday.

I finally spotted some of the new Jordana Glitters in a Jordana display in a store! Yay! I had to get one! I decided that the one that attracted me the most was 08, Sequins.

This polish is a red glitter topper, with aqua, silver, and fuchsia medium hex glitters throughout.

I thought it would be a fun look to top it over one of my new-ish Wet n Wild Wild Shine pink polishes. The one I topped it over is called Lavender Creme, which makes no sense as it is not even close to purple, but that's alright.

So I did 1-2 coats (some nails it only took one, others two) for Lavender Creme, and I topped it with one coat of Sequins.

The pink photographed really bright, so it was hard to get a decent shot.

Jordana Glitters polishes retail for $1.99 and Wet n Wild Wild Shine polishes retail for $0.99, so this was a really pretty, and super affordable mani, so if you like what you see, just scrounge up $3 and some change and this can be all yours!

Well, that's all I have for you guys today. I hope you enjoyed my mani. Talk to you later, bye!

Monday, October 14, 2013

Pelirrojita Studios Swatches and Review

Hey guys, today I am back with another great review for you.

I have a group of five lovely polishes, from a new indie brand called Pelirrojita Studios. Her line of polishes, she likes to call them "The Poison'd Lacquer".

In my package with the nail polishes was a paper, explaining her brand and all of the polishes I was sent to review. This was really nice of her, so helpful and saves me a little time in having to think up how to describe polishes or what I should say about her brand, so thank you Cecy Huerta!

Let me tell you about her brand:

"Pelirrojita Studios (Sanish for "little red hair" or poetically speaking "little redheaded girl") is the brainchild of Cecy Huerta of "La Pelirrojita." A lifelong ove of all things crafty, cosmetic, and theatrical naturally led to the creation of Pelirrojita Studios, and The Poison'd Lacquer brand."

She describes the meaning behind calling her polish brand "The Poison'd Lacquer":

"As a former theatre costume designer turned fashion historian, Cecy found it impossible to resist the charms of one William Shakespeare. Armed with years of his plays and sonnets, she set out to create both dramatic and demure nail lacquers, each inspired by a phrase or character from one of the Bard's works. As an added twist, she sourced bottles with vintage designs to allow for an overall unique look."

Now, let's get to the polishes and swatches.

First up is Prospero. This polish is inspired by "The Tempest". This is a matte royal blue. This is three coats. I love the rich color.

Next up, this one is called Valentine. This is inspired by "The Two Gentlemen of Verona". it is a mix of bright pink, red, lively purple, and gold glitters. I swatched it first over Prospero, just one coat of Valentine, and then I did three coats by itself.

This next one is called Gilded Butterflies. It is inspired by "King Lear', and it is a harvest gold, very bright. This is three coats.

The fourth one I have to show you is called Love-line. This one is inspired by "All's Well That Ends Well". Cecy describes this as a delicate frosted pink. This is very light and sheer. It still showed visible nail line after three coats. It may do well over another color.

Last up to show you, this one is called Sweet Sorrow. This one was my favorite, I love a nice soft blue. This color was inspired by "Romeo and Juliet". The color is a pale shimmery pearl blue. I did three coats for this swatch.

You can purchase any of these polishes, and more, in their shop on Art Fire. Their polishes range from $5-$8 for singles.

I hope you guys enjoyed my review. I'll talk to you guys later, bye!

Saturday, October 12, 2013

Mandyland Polish Swatches and Review

Hey guys, I am back with another great review for you guys.

I was sent some polish from Mandyland Polish, a new indie polish brand, a few weeks ago. I swatched them just a couple days after I got them, but since they had no names, I was conversing back and fourth with the owner to figure out what to do. To compensate for the no names, and for one polish in the bunch that she, not me, thought needed to be reworked, she sent me three full size polishes. She said I didn't need to swatch and review them, but I felt it was only right, because I had not posted the review of the other polishes at that point. One of the three full size polishes she sent me was a duplicate that I already got from her in mini size, but that's alright.

So I have four mini polishes to show you, and two full size, from Mandyland Polish. She has a shop on Etsy, where she sells glitter polish, duochromes, top coats, and glow in the dark polish.

Let's get to the polishes! The mini polishes have no name, and the full size ones do.

First up, I have for you is called Rocket Man. This is the one that I received in both mini and full size, so I am showing it in the mini bottle. This is a silver-blue polish with a slight holo property to it. This swatch was taken with flash, and the only photo I took with flash.

Next up, this one had no name when I got it, but was told by Mandy from Mandyland Polish that this is called Oh! Darling, same as The Beatles' song. This is a glitter topper, with small and medium hex and square polishes, in neon pink, neon blue, light blue, and silver-white. I love this polish, I haven't seen a ton of neon glitter toppers like this.

This one also had no name when I got it, but was told this one is called Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds. This is another glitter topper, which I put over the pink polish Mandyland sent me that happened to be the glow in the dark polish, that she said to leave out. This polish is described on her Etsy page as "a combination of holo pink diamonds, purple dots (both light and dark), blue and black hexes, and some very fine glitters". I also quite like this polish, because it has so many different colored glitters.

Up next, this one has no name. I believe this polish to be a purple color shifting polish, as it went on really sheer after three coats and didn't change the color all too much, but it's still pretty in the light.

The fifth polish up that I have to show you, is called Fire and Rain. This one is a pink polish with duochrome properties. In the light, it has some blue shimmer. I really love this color so much, it's very pretty.

Finally, the last one up that I have to show you is called Satisfaction. This is a sheer bright green polish, that my camera captured a little less bright than in person. I wish I knew how to describe what type of polish this is, but I just don't know!

Mandyland Polish sells for $6-$10 on her Etsy page, and she has 56 different polishes for sale.

Well, finally, that's my Mandyland Polish post. I hope you guys enjoyed it, and I'll talk to you all later. Bye!