Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Happy New Year's Eve Manicure Giveaways!

Hey guys!

Today I am back with the second of the two Manicure Giveaways I am doing while Lace and Lacquers is on a break.

This week I didn't spot as much manicure related giveaways as last week, but I dug as hard as I could and found a handful of them for you guys.

Here they are, enjoy!

That's all for this week. I couldn't find you guys as many giveaways this week, but I hope you guys still enjoy the ones that I did spot for you guys and let me know if you end up winning any!

That's all for now, I'll talk to you all next time. Bye!

E.L.F Disney: Good Vs. Evil Limited Edition Set Swatches and Review

*Products Purchased for Me

Hey guys!

I am back today with a great review on a polish set that my mom picked up for me at Walgreens. This is a new polish collection from everyone's favorite budget beauty brand, e.l.f. In light of the new-ish movie that came out about Sleeping Beauty, Maleficent, they came out with a four piece nail polish collection. Two polishes are in colors relating to Sleeping Beauty, or technically, Aurora, and two relating to Maleficent.

Here is a preview of the collection:

The first color that I have up to show you has the most unique name of the four, Prissy Crissy. This is a beige nude cream that has just the tiniest lean of pink. I did three coats by itself, but two would do just fine. Dry time was horrible, I had to reapply a couple times, but application was fine.

Second up, this one is called Bubble Gum Pink. This one is a nice pinky coral cream. I did one coat by itself, as this is quite a rich color. Application was fantastic.

This next one is my favorite of the whole collection. This one is called Purple Dream. It is a medium purple that is like a duochrome, but doesn't really shift colors. I did two coats by itself. Application was fantastic. I just love the look of this color it's gorgeous.

Last up, this one is called Sea Escape. This is the only one that I know of from this collection that I have seen before from e.l.f. It is a dark, dark blue, almost black polish with medium blue glitter throughout. The glitter can appear purple in certain lights. I applied two coats by itself. Application was great.

Like I said, this kit can be purchased at Walgreens. It is currently selling for $4.99. In their Disney Good vs. Evil Limited Edition line, they also have collections of eyeshadow, eyeliner, lipgloss, makeup brushes, and a beauty book or a combo of makeup items, all ranging in price from $4.99-$9.99.

Well, thanks everyone and I hope you enjoyed the post! I will talk to you all later, hopefully today I will get the second of the Manicure Giveaways posts up for you guys to enjoy as well. Talk to you all later, bye!

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Manicure Giveaways: Christmas Eve Night Edition

Hey guys!

I am back today with a special post that I think you all are going to love.

I heard that Lacey from Lace and Lacquers was going to be out of town and not able to do the Manicure Giveaways Monday posts on her blog for two weeks. I thought about it and wanted to take over for the two weeks. I asked for her permission, and she said of course. I hadn't seen the reply to my asking until after this past Monday, so my post is late, but on a great day so I hope you guys don't mind.

I went though blogs I am a part of and groups that I have joined and rangled up a bunch of giveaways that don't end at least until tomorrow or later. I hope you guys enjoy my first crack at a post like this and enjoy entering all of the giveaways!

I hope you guys enjoy this post and the giveaways! Have a great Christmas Eve and Christmas day! I'll talk to you all later, bye!

Friday, December 19, 2014

Orly FX in Milky Way

 *Products Received in Swap

Hey guys!

I am back today to show you my nails that I did on Monday. I decided to use a color that involved winter themed colored and that made me happy about the season.

I decided on a polish that gave a lot of impact without having to throw on a bunch of colors. I picked a color from Orly's FX line, called Milky Way. (Trying out a little different hand position, for this post and for the last post and for future posts). It is made up of white, light blue, pastel red, and micro glitter and a sheer, subtle light blue base. I did three coats by itself.

Application was great, and the polish turns out to be a bit textured. It is similar to a chunky glitter. I love this color. It didn't last a complete day, but my nails are crappy and weak so nothing lasts quite long on them anyways. I would still recommend this polish regardless!

Well, that's all I have for you guys for now. I will talk to you all later, bye!

Monday, December 15, 2014

OPI Muppets World Tour: Miss Piggy Duo

*Products Purchased By Me

Hey guys! I am SOOO sorry I have been away from the blog for such a long time. I have been working like 6-8 or more hours every day I work, because of the holidays, and I didn't have a day off since Monday until Sunday and today when I finally had off. I was/am still sick too, since Friday, so there is also that.

I am still sick, but figured since I had today off, I'd post SOMETHING for you guys to look at. I apologize now for the sad cuticles/hangnails and cleanup. Not back on point like I usually am, so just bare with me.

What I have to show you today is something I picked up one day after work at Ross, which I was surprised that they had some for sale. This is a duo of two of the Miss Piggy polishes from the OPI Muppets World Tour collection. Here is the preview:

The first one that I have up to show you is called Miss Piggy's Big Number. This is a blue duochrome that shifts from a lighter blue to a darker blue. It was hard to get it to show off in pictures though. I did three coats by itself. No problems with application.

Next up is Muppets World Tour. This one is a white, silver, and dark blue micro glitter topper. I did one coat on top of Miss Piggy's Big Number. No problems with application.

These polishes are so pretty, and in my opinion work well for Christmas with the frosty dark blue and winter colored glitter. If you like the Muppets and OPI, these polishes are for you. I have two more polishes from the Kermit duo of the Muppets World Tour collection to show you later this week, so look out for that.

Well, that's all I have for you guys for now. I'll talk to you all later, bye!

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Sinful Colors Gilded

*Products Purchased By Me

Hey guys! I am back today with a somewhat holiday themed mani to show you guys!

My nails were in desperate need of a manicure, and I thought since it was already December, I would paint them in colors related to winter.

I used two colors, one by Sinful Colors and the other by OPI.

The first color I used for all of my nails but one on each nail was Sinful Colors in Gilded. This is a gold, light pink, and red micro glitter polish with shimmer. It probably is best for a topper but I used it alone in three coats. I am not sure if this is one of their new colors or an older color, but this is currently in their holiday display at stores.

For my accent nail, ring finger on my left and middle finger on my right, I used OPI Ski Slope Sweetie. I would call this a frosty-shimmery white polish that is sheer. This could be used over another color, but I like the look of it by itself. I did three coats alone.

This manicure reminds me of cinnamon and peppermint and the snow, so I feel it's quite holiday related! Application on both were great. Gilded was harder to clean up as the glitter didn't want to come off my skin, but other than that, no problems.

Sinful Colors can be purchased at Walgreens, Walmart, and other retailers, usually going for $1.50-$1.99. OPI can be purchased at Walmart and salons, for around $8 to $9, or check out your local Ross, TJMaxx, Marshalls, and other similar stores for ones on sale.

Well, that's all I have for you guys for now. I will talk to you all later, bye!

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

NYX Coral Sensation

*Products Bought and Swapped For

Hey guys!

Sorry I haven't posted in a while. I painted my nails with this gel-type nail color and wanted to see how long it would last, so I didn't change my nails for like a week.

I decided to finally change my nails today, and I wanted to use a color I picked up in a 8-piece set at Ross a couple weeks ago.

This is NYX Coral Sensation. This is a coral polish packed with shimmer. The color is a bit more orangey-coral in person. I did three coats by itself. I did an accent nail using China Glaze Glimmer More. This is a glitter topper filled with fuchsia, yellow, orange, and light pink hex glitters. I did two coats to get a decent coverage.

I really love this polish. The formula is great, no problems with application. The color is gorgeous too. Usually you get corals that are just basic cremes, but I love the impact of the shimmer.

Well, that's all I have for you guys for now. I'll talk to you all later, bye!

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Powder Perfect Monsoon VS KBShimmer Don't Teal Anyone

*Products Received in Swap and Giveaway

Hey guys!

I am back again today with another great post.

In the last post, I showed you guys some lovely Powder Perfect polishes. One of them was called Monsoon. When I received the polish in the mail, it reminded me of another indie polish I had acquired, as it looked very similar.

It reminded me of KBShimmer Don't Teal Anyone. It was late afternoon when I got the polish, so the colors appeared quite similar to me, but now that I swatched them, they don't look quite similar anymore.

Powder Perfect, as I mentioned, is a blue-teal/sea green polish filled with blue, gold, and silver glitters. I did two coats for the swatch.

KBShimmer's Don't Teal Anyone is more teal, with blue, gold, and fuchsia colored glitter. I did three coats for the swatch by itself. 

Don't Teal Anyone is more green, while Monsoon is more on the blue side. Curse my awful camera, it is hard to see a difference in the base colors, but trust me, it is there.

Powder Perfect Monsoon

KBShimmer Don't Teal Anyone

So while they are similar, they are far from being any sort of dupe for one another. In person, the difference is even greater with KBShimmer much more green.

If you are into teal polishes, I suggest you pick up both of these lovelies if you don't have them already, because both are unique and necessary in your collection!

Well, I hope you all enjoyed my post. I'll talk to you all later, bye!

Powder Perfect Swatches and Review

*Products Won in Giveaway

Hey guys!

I am back today with a fabulous post of some polishes that I recently won in a giveaway.

Last month, I won some polishes from an indie brand called Powder Perfect. Thing was, they don't ship to the United States. I checked out the polishes and really loved them, so I asked around and found someone from Australia, where the brand is located, to have them shipped to them and then ship to me. All I had to do was send her some polishes/polish items she wanted from the US. 

The package came to me last week, and I wanted to show you guys these lovelies. I won three of their recently released polishes.

Here is a preview:

The first one I have to show to you guys is fabulous, and I am sure for most of you, will be your favorite of the three. It isn't my favorite, but it is still gorgeous. This is called Storm Rainbow, a grey and rainbow colored holographic polish. This one is jam packed, so it does not, I repeat does not, need a base color. I did two coats by itself.

Second up, this one is called Monsoon. This is a sea-green/blue-teal polish filled with gold, silver, and dark blue glitters. I did two coats by itself. I have a comparison post coming up soon with this polish and another well known indie.

Lastly, this one is my favorite of the three. this is called Forecast; Optimistic. This is a pale blue crelly with pastel colored glitters throughout. I did two coats by itself.

Application on all three was fantastic, they all went on well. excuse the look of the cuticles and hangnails, my fingers were dry, has nothing to do with polish or anything of the sort.

Powder Perfect nail polishes can be purchased on their website, Their polishes range from $10-$12 for full size, and they currently have some polishes on their site that are marked down to $7.

I hope you guys enjoyed my post. I'll talk to you all later, bye!

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Formula X for Sephora Effects

*Products Purchased By Me

Hey guys!

I am back today to show you some more polishes from Sephora's Formula X line.

I have a huge backup of polishes on my computer desk, and decided I would try to get to swatching them all, starting with the ones that have been sitting on my desk the longest. I picked up these polishes several months ago and haven't gotten around to using them yet, so I thought today would be the time.

I have two up to show you, here is a preview:

The first one I have up to show you is called Galaxy. This is a blue black shifting texture polish. I did two coats by itself. I love textures and this one did not disappoint. Application was great!

Next up, this one is called Hocus Pocus. This is a really pretty polish. It is a lavender metallic holographic polish. The holo-ness shows up better than the light than on camera, but it does have a great holo in my opinion. I did two coats by itself. Application was fantastic.

These are my third and fourth Formula X for Sephora polishes I have tried, and they are as great as the others. I love this brand, and I hope you guys do too!

Well, that's all I have to show you guys. I hope you enjoyed, I'll talk to you all later, bye!

Friday, October 31, 2014

NYC: New York Color Halloween Expert Last Lip Color Swatches and Review

*Products Sent to Me for Review

Hey guys! I am back.

Sorry it took me so long to get this review up. I was debating wether I should do it or not because I have trouble taking pictures of my lips, but I decided to just post it anyways.

I received three lipsticks from New York Color's Halloween line along with the polish I reviewed a little while back.

They came out with three lipsticks to go with their entire Halloween collection, and here they are for you. They all are from their Expert Last Lip Color line.

The first one that I have up to show you is called Red or Alive. Sorry for the poor application, I can't apply lipstick for the life of me. This is a bright blood red lipstick with a little shine.

Next up, this one is called Immortal Vixen. This is a plain black lipstick with a little shine. I wore this one today to work for Halloween with black eyeshadow.

Last up, this one is called Dark Rebirth. This is a dark plum color that my camera couldn't get the color correct. 

Application on all was great, I just have a weird lip line as I have brown spots around my lips so it's hard for me to apply lipstick well. These lipsticks really embody Halloween, but I think you could wear the plum and red one any time you want.

These sell for $1.99 in most retailers that sell NYC products.

I hope you guys enjoyed this review. I'll talk to you all later, bye!

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

New York Color Halloween Polishes Swatches and Review

*Products Sent for Review

Hey guys!

I am back today with another great review of some New York Color polishes. They recently sent me another package filled with some of their polishes that they put out for Halloween, along with their Halloween themed lipsticks that I will try to get to you guys in the next post, if my lips and camera allow me.

They sent me four of their polishes, and I think these are really great for the holiday and would go with any dark costume you decide to wear for the occasion.

The first polish that I have up to show you is called Black Elixir. This is a straight up black creme. I did two coats by itself, but it could be a one coater. Application was great, but with colors like this, if you are not neat, clean up is a little messy. Also, again, my camera doesn't like dark colors.

Next up, this one is much prettier in swatch photos and on nails than in the bottle. I didn't like it when I got it in my package, but now I like it a lot more. This is called I am not affRED. This is a nice wine-red jellyish creme. I did three coats by itself. Application was great, but again, cleanup was not the best. Also, it is just HOT here, every day is humid with no wind, so this one really bubbled up, but I didn't want to redo and I decided to just show you how it worked for me.

The next one that I have to show you is my favorite of the bunch. This is called Animal Instinct. This is an orange creme with a hint of shimmer. The shimmer was hidden to me until I painted my nails. I did  two coats by itself. Application was great!

Last up, this one is called Rock Muse Smoky Top Coat. This is a black jelly-ish polish packed with large silver glitter and micro silver glitter. While they call it a top coat, I feel this has enough of a jelly-ish base that you can totally wear this alone. I did three coats to build it up. Application was fantastic. My camera was not having it with this one, so sorry about this swatch.

I am not sure if these are now available in stores, so I just suggest to check your local stores that sell New York Color products if you are interested in any of these.

Well, that's all I have for you guys for now. I'll talk to you all later, bye!