Wednesday, October 22, 2014

New York Color Halloween Polishes Swatches and Review

*Products Sent for Review

Hey guys!

I am back today with another great review of some New York Color polishes. They recently sent me another package filled with some of their polishes that they put out for Halloween, along with their Halloween themed lipsticks that I will try to get to you guys in the next post, if my lips and camera allow me.

They sent me four of their polishes, and I think these are really great for the holiday and would go with any dark costume you decide to wear for the occasion.

The first polish that I have up to show you is called Black Elixir. This is a straight up black creme. I did two coats by itself, but it could be a one coater. Application was great, but with colors like this, if you are not neat, clean up is a little messy. Also, again, my camera doesn't like dark colors.

Next up, this one is much prettier in swatch photos and on nails than in the bottle. I didn't like it when I got it in my package, but now I like it a lot more. This is called I am not affRED. This is a nice wine-red jellyish creme. I did three coats by itself. Application was great, but again, cleanup was not the best. Also, it is just HOT here, every day is humid with no wind, so this one really bubbled up, but I didn't want to redo and I decided to just show you how it worked for me.

The next one that I have to show you is my favorite of the bunch. This is called Animal Instinct. This is an orange creme with a hint of shimmer. The shimmer was hidden to me until I painted my nails. I did  two coats by itself. Application was great!

Last up, this one is called Rock Muse Smoky Top Coat. This is a black jelly-ish polish packed with large silver glitter and micro silver glitter. While they call it a top coat, I feel this has enough of a jelly-ish base that you can totally wear this alone. I did three coats to build it up. Application was fantastic. My camera was not having it with this one, so sorry about this swatch.

I am not sure if these are now available in stores, so I just suggest to check your local stores that sell New York Color products if you are interested in any of these.

Well, that's all I have for you guys for now. I'll talk to you all later, bye!

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