Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Nails Inc.: Special Effects

*Product Purchased By Me

Hey guys!

I am back today with another one of those fabulous Nails Inc polishes that I picked up this month.

This one comes from their Special Effects line, and this one is a metallic duochrome.

This is called Stratford. It is as I said a metallic duochrome. It has a gold to pink shift but mainly is gold. I did three coats by itself. Application on this was fantastic. I really love this color.

I was attempting to do a comparison on some of the gold polishes in my collection, which would have included this one, but then I kinda got lazy so I decided just to show you guys this beauty on its own instead. If you guys love gold polishes, this is one you need in your collection!

Well, that's all I have for you guys for now. I will talk to you all later, bye!

Thursday, March 24, 2016

Nails Inc. Beaded Polish: Hampstead

*Product Purchased By Me

Hey guys!

I am back finally to show you one polish that I picked up a couple weeks ago at TJMaxx.

This is one of those lovely Nails, Inc polishes I showed you guys on my Facebook page.

This is from their Beaded Polish line. It is called Hampstead. The photo is a little blurry because my camera died after I took a couple of photos and by the time I had it all charged up my polish had chipped.

This is a bright coral polish filled with small and medium silver holo glitters. I did two coats by itself. I really love this color, and the glitter really resembles beads in my polish. Application was great, no issues. The wear time on this isn't good, but no polish lasts on my nails for longer than half a day, so I am not a good judge.

Well, that's all I have for you guys for now. I will talk to you all later, bye!

Thursday, March 10, 2016

Grey-Purple Duochrome Poish Comparison

*Products My Own

Hey guys!

I am back today with another comparison post like I told some of you guys on my Facebook page.

This time, I am going to compare grey-purple duochromes. 

The first one that I have up for you guys is from Live Love Dream by Aero. All polishes I did three coats. It is called Mood Ring.

This one leans more purple with some grey undertones in the light. It has some sparkle to it as well, that leans a little pink. This is pretty sheer, after three coats you can see see visible nail line.

Next up, this one is from NYX. It is called Twilight.

This one leans more silver with a hint of very light purple. The Aero polish and this one don't even compare at all.

Third up in this group, this one is from Wet n Wild's Fastdry line. It is called Gray's Anatomy. I have swatched this one before.

This one has some red tones to it, it is in the middle of Mood Ring and Twilight. Oh, so far all of them have had great application.

Last up, this one is from New York Color's Long Wearing line, called Rock the Party.

This one is the most different than the rest. This one is three coats, but super sheer so it would do best over another color, such as purple or black or white. It is a super sheer grey with a lavender shift.

Under different lights, inside and outside, these polishes can all look different colors. None of these polishes came out as dupes for one another. I say if you like duochromes, and you like grey toned polishes, I would recommend Mood Ring from Live Love Dream and Twilight from NYX. I say one could do without Gray's Anatomy and Rock the Party.

Well, that's all I have for you guys for now. I will talk to you all later, bye!

Monday, March 7, 2016

Polish Comparison: Purple-Brown-Green Duochromes

*Products My Own

Hey guys!

I am back today, first post of March. Sorry it is a little late into the month, just haven't felt like posting and busy with work and being lazy. Well, might as well be honest.

I decided for my first post of the month, I would use some polishes I haven't touched yet or touched in a while, and compare them. I just recently got this China Glaze, which I am about to show you guys, in a swap and I wanted to try it out. This inspired me to find other polishes of mine that have a similar finish and look and compare and see how close they are.

I picked purple-brown-green duochromes to show you guys comparisons of. That is the best description of the color that I can say, with the main color being purple.

Let's just get right to it.

The first one that I have up to show you is China Glaze, in No Plain Jane. This one comes in a bottle with a silver top. Not sure what is the difference between their polishes that come with black tops and ones that come with silver tops. If you do, let me know. This one, in the swatch it is hard to see a shift in the color, but the bottle shows it.

Next up, this one is one I've swatched twice before, but it really looked at lot like No Plain Jane so I had to do it again. This is Nicole by OPI in Iris My Case. This one is also very purple, but you can see a little green-brown in it. This is a little brighter of a purple.

Last up, this one is OPI's Kermit Me to Speak. This one looked like it would be similar in the bottle, just a little lighter purple and more brown and green. I was wrong. This one is nothing like the other two. It is more of a light brown pink.

Application on the first two was great, I had no issues. The OPI was a little thin and runny, after three coats it was still a little thin and sheer, but I didn't want to put another coat. I say each one of these is different, especially the OPI. Even the China Glaze and NOPI are not dupes, so I say if you like all of them, get them all!

All polishes retail for $8-$10. China Glaze, as far as I know, is sold in salons, Sally Beauty, and Ulta. OPI sells in salons, Sally Beauty, Ulta, CVS, and Walmart. NOPI, as far as I know, is sold in Kmart, among other places.

Well, that's all I have for you guys for now. I will talk to you all later, bye!