Saturday, August 31, 2013

PISTOL polish September 2013 Duo

Hey guys, I am back already with another review! I was generously sent a pretty duo from Pistol Polish. The duo I sent is going to be available in September.

Here is the duo that I was sent:

This is the description of the polishes as given by Pistol Polish:

"Play Dirty: Fall is officially here, and that means it's time to get to work... dirty work. Sure, we're all for a fresh mani but earning a chipped nail can be just as fun. This gilded cherry is a deep crimson color laced with sparkling gold flecks; it combines autumn's warm burgundy hues with the final traces of summer's sun."

"Fight Like A Girl: Put your well-polishes dukes up because everyone is going to be fighting over this shade. As the pigment of the season, it's sure to illicit stares, and maybe even a tussle or two. But remember, PISTOLs always fight fair even when rocking battle colors."

Here is Play Dirty:

I love this color, a nice cherry red like the description said. It took two coats for most nails, one for the first nail as I went heavy handed on that one.

The other polish of this duo, Fight Like A Girl:

This is a really great military, olive green color. It's perfect for the fall. This color required around three coats to get it to be opaque.

PISTOL polish is a subscription-based nail polish brand, as said on their website, You can also find them on their Facebook page and Twitter

I hope you guys enjoyed my review! Talk to you guys later, bye!

Maquillage BLVD Review

Hey everyone! Today I have some great polishes to show you, that were sent to me to review.

Maquillage BLVD is a new indie brand that makes basic color creme polishes. I was sent four polishes from their line to review. I took photos both with my digital camera, which doesn't like to cooperate a lot of the time, and also with the camera on my smartphone. So let's get to it!

The first polish I have up to show you guys is called Yield. In the bottle, this appears as a bright neon yellow, and it appeared the same when I applied it on the nail. For this polish, it was super streaky and thin and was hard to apply, but I love the neon aspects of this one. Since I had those issues with the polish, it took around 4 coats for full coverage. Some streaks are still quite visible. This photo is the only one taken with my digital camera.

The next polish I have to show you is called Gimmie my Money. This is the polish that was the toughest for me to photograph. For some reason, both my digital camera and my smartphone camera wouldn't get the color true to what it appeared, and also the photos just never wanted to be 100% clear, so this is the best I could get, sorry! This appears to be a close to neon green in the bottle, but on the nail, it's a little closer to a pine needles type of green. I applied three to four coats and there is still streakiness.

The third polish I have to show you from Maquillage BLVD is called Coffee, Tea, or Me. This one applied the best, it only required one coat. This is just what the name suggests, a coffee colored, caramel-esque brown polish.

The last one that I have to show you is called Angelic Dreams. This is a pretty light blue polish, and my favorite of the bunch. This required around two to three coats. There was a little streakiness, but it wasn't too bad.

Maquillage BLVD polishes can be purchased in their Etsy store. Each polish costs $10.00 each, and they have 16 colors to choose from!

That's all I have for you guys today. I hope you enjoyed my review! Talk to you guys later, bye!

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Wet n Wild and OPI Haul

Hey guys, I'm back with a new haul post. It has been a while since I purchased nail polish, at least a couple weeks.

Well, today after my mom and I went to the mall, we stopped by Ross. Last week, she went to Ross and they had pink duo sets of OPI polish, but when she went the next day to get one, it was gone. Today when we went to a different Ross, they had one left of the set she spotted at another Ross. It's 2012's Breast Cancer Awareness Duo in "I Think In Pink" and "You Glitter Be Good to Me". They are such pretty colors and I can't wait to try them both!

Then, at Longs Drugs, which I mentioned is Hawaii's CVS, they had 40% off on Wet n Wild cosmetics, so I went crazy and bought five colors in their Wild Shine line. The colors that I picked up were: Eggplant Frost, Lavender Pearlescent, Frosted Fuchsia, Lavender Creme, and Wild Card. Both polishes with Lavender in the name actually are very pink, sometimes I don't understand how they come up with some of the names for their polishes, but no matter I still love them anyways!

Here is my haul shot!

These are probably not new Wet n Wild Wild Shine colors, but colors that I didn't have yet and haven't seen before. Not all stores here sell all of the colors of this line, so if I see something I  like, I have to get it right away!

Well, that's all for now! Talk to you guys later!

Saturday, August 24, 2013

Indie and Online Polish Brand Swatches and Reviews

Hey guys! Sorry I have been away for a while, I was hoping to get some nail mail and be able to do a review, but I haven't received anything yet. I thought it was too long since I made a post, so I decided to choose an array of polishes from my own collection to swatch and review myself.

Most polishes I won from Lace and Lacquers in her giveaway in March or April. I am sorry to say I haven't used any until now. The last polish that I have to show you, I picked up on Amazon myself, so that's basically the only purchased polish in the bunch. In total, I have six polishes to show you all!

Let's get to it then!

First up, I have a beauty from The Polish Bar, called Perfect Harmony. The Polish Bar describes this polish on their Etsy as "various sizes and shapes of violet holographic glitter in a mint green crelly base". This is three coats, and it went on smooth and with no problems!

Next up, is Darling Digits Wicked Attraction. Most swatches I saw of this online had this polish layered over dark blue or black, but I like to show polishes as is a lot, so I didn't layer it over anything. Darling Digits describes this as "an indigo jelly packed with purple/blue iridescent glitters, purple hexes, blue hexes, and holographic dust". I did between 3-4 coats for this. It was sheer and a little streaky at first, but evened out in the end.

Sorry for the brightness on this one, to be able to get as close to how it appeared on my nail, I had to use flash and this is how it came out.

Up next is Rainbow Honey's Ephemeral. They describe this as "lovely soft pink shimmer, with strong blue and purple hues in artificial lighting. In the sun, its micro glitters in gold, pink, and turquoise sparkle and glisten". It went on tough the first coat, but was fine at the end. I am showing two swatches of this polish, as when I tried to take a picture of it without flash, the pink color of it wasn't showing up much.

This one is without flash.

This one is with flash, and you can see the pink more.

The fourth polish I have to show you isn't indie or an online brand actually, sorry if I confused you and you thought each and every one fit those categories. This is the only one that doesn't. This is OPI Austin-tatious Turquoise. I couldn't find OPI's description of this polish, but I can tell this is a blue-green slight duochrome with a bit of light shimmer to it. It was super sheer, so I needed four coats to build up the color and opacity.

Next is a really pretty glitter from Hare Polish, called What I Wore to the Revolution. They describe this polish as "A blend of matte/satin hexes and squares in black, hot pink & hot orange. WIWTTR also features more of that sparkling silver shimmer! This is in a CLEAR base". I just used one coat, but made sure the brush got a bunch of glitter and not just a ton of clear base. I had no trouble with the glitter, I didn't have to fish at all. I think this one may be my favorite of the bunch. I also just love it because I love their adorable bunny logo.

Last up, is the online polish I talked about that I got on Amazon, Nubar's Night Sparkle. On their website, they describe this polish as "a deep blue glitter in a deep blue tinted base". The glitter is so much that it feels very grainy and almost like texture polish in a way. It was sheer and streaky in the first couple coats, but by 3 or 4 coats it evened out. I love how strong the blue is.

Well, I hope you guys enjoyed the swatches I had to show you guys today! These polishes and brands can still be bought online from many sites, such as Llarowe for Darling Diva and Hare polish, Rainbow Honey for Rainbow Honey polish, The Polish Bar's Etsy page for The Polish Bar polish, and Amazon for OPI and Nubar polish.

Talk to you guys later, hopefully with another great review! Bye!

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Ross Haul

Hey guys!

I walked down to a Ross that is by out house with my mom, because I need new sandals, and I actually found some polish there that I wasn't expecting!

While a lot of times I don't find anything I like as so many are brands I have never heard of so I am wary to buy them, I found this great trio of LA Colors nail treatments, and I can always use more nail treatments!

I haven't seen this in any Ross stores before. This includes three of LA Colors nail treatments that mot people use on their nails. First is their Top Coat, says on the package that it seals color and adds brilliant shine. Next is their Hardener, says it helps fortify and strengthen nails. Lastly is their Calcium Builder, says it builds stronger and healthier nails.

I can't wait to start using these during my next swatch or for my next manicure. I am especially excited to try the calcium builder, because my nails break a lot.

You guys need to head to your local Ross and check if yours carries this, it only cost $3.

Well, that's all for now. Talk to you guys later, bye!

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Glitterfied Nails Swatches and Review

Hey everyone! On Friday I received a lovely trio of mini polishes from Glitterfied Nails in the mail for me to review. I wasn't going to swatch them until today or Sunday, but I was excited so I did them last night. In my review, I also included a full size Glitterfied Nails polish that I won from The Nail Files back in April, that I never tried out yet.

None of these polishes were purchased by me, three sent for review and one won in a giveaway, just to make it clear. Opinions/review are my on honest opinions.

To start off the review, here are the three polishes that I was sent.

The first lovely that I have to show you is called Bubblegum Blast. This is three coats alone. It went on great, I had no issues with it. It's a little sheer, but I thought it had a decent enough base to it that I would use it alone. This color is a pastel pink with micro medium pink glitter running throughout.

Next up, this polish this called Raspberry Ice. I used one coat of Wet n Wild Wild Shine's Teal Slowly and See. This one went on great as well, no issues here. This is basically a glitter topper filled with micro medium fuschia, magenta, and hot pink glitter.

 The last polish that was sent to me to review is called Playoffs. This polish is actually from their new Team Spirit line for back to school. This is a mix of various red, gray, and silver medium, small, and micro glitters in a clear base. It went on well, no issue like the last two. I swatched it over Wet n Wild Wild Shine's Listening To Blue Reed.

After I swatched the three Glitterfied Nails sent me, I thought I'd also swatch the polish I won in a giveaway as I hadn't used it yet. This one is called Penny. It is a copper/gold glitter topper with aqua/turquoise glitter sparsed throughout. I swatched this over the same polish as I did in the last swatch, Listening To Blue Reed. This one went on fantastic. It was a little more sparse, so I used three coats.

I hope you guys enjoyed my swatches of the lovely Glitterfied Nails' polishes. Currently, Glitterfied Nails is having a discount code going until August 30th. If you enter BACKTOSCHOOL on their Etsy page, it is is good for 15% off 2 or more polishes. Pick some up if you haven't yet, she makes such pretty glitter toppers!

Well, that' all I have to share with you guys for now, i hope you enjoyed! Talk to you later, bye!

Friday, August 16, 2013

400 Likes Giveaway! *International ONLY*

Hey everyone. If you have been following my Facebook page, you would have noticed that I partnered with a fellow polish lover from South Africa and she has generously decided to sponsor an international giveaway for all of my international followers and likers. This lovely lady's name, at least polish moniker, is Ordinary Misfit. If you would like, go to her Facebook page and tell her thank you for this great giveaway.

Now, onto the prizes for this giveaway. She has decided that she would love to give you international guys a chance to win some Tip Top Nails South Africa polishes. We decided together that we will give you guys five colors to choose from, and you guys get to pick three out of the five. Sound great? Don't worry, you'll love the colors that we picked, they are gorgeous!

So here are the polishes that you have to choose from:

 I made the pics big to make sure everyone can read the polish names in the first picture and that they are able to see what colors they have to choose from.

Now, like I have constantly been saying and it is even in the post title, this is an international only giveaway. If you have someone outside the US that Ordinary Misfit can send the polishes to and then you can get them to send them to you, feel free to enter.

Here is the Rafflecopter to enter:

a Rafflecopter giveaway

The giveaway runs from August 17th, 12am to August 31st, 12am. I hope you all enjoy entering and feel free to leave a blog comment on anything related to the giveaway! Any shipping or taxes or any fees to ship the polishes will be on the winner, hope this is not an issue.

For those non-international, my other giveaway ends in a little less than 2 days, so find my 300 Likes Giveaway post and hurry and enter!

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Dance Legend and Glitter Gal Swatches and Review

So on Tuesday I received some fabulous nail mail. This was a polish that I won in a giveaway from the fabulous Set in Lacquer. My very first Dance Legend polish, Robots VS Humans, a huge lemming brand of mine. While usually I don't buy brown polishes, because it was a prism, I was really attracted to it, so I was excited when I won!

I loved it so much, I had to swatch it the same day. The color is medium to dark brown with gold, green, and blue holographic "prism" tendencies. This polish went on like a dream, and had minimal cleanup, which is surprising for me, because I am quite messy. You really only need one good coat for it to cover perfectly, but I did two just because one nail came out thicker, so to match it the rest got a second coat.

After I swatched the Dance Legend polish, I figured I'd go ahead and swatch the only other polish I had that was related to this polish, Glitter Gal's Blue Suede Shoes. This is a light sky blue polish. This polish is quite sheer, so three coats are needed to build up the holo effect and to have not much visible nail line. Other than that, it is perfect!

It was tough to photograph this one, so sorry if the photo looks a little blurry. This was the best photo that I could get.

I hope you guys loved my mini holo-polooza with these two polishes. A new giveaway will be up in the next couple of days, get excited my international followers!

Well, that's all for today, talk to you guys later. Bye!

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Nicole By OPI Special K Polishes Swatches and Review

Hey, everyone! How are you?

Around two months ago, my mom and I collected enough codes, and she sent away for those Limited Edition Special K only Nicole by OPI trio of polishes.

Well, finally they came today! I had fun swatching the polishes from the last post, that I wanted to swatch these as well. It was only three, so I wasn't tired at the end this time!

The first polish I have up to show you is called Challenge Red-y, a rich red creme. This is just one coat. There is still a bit of visible nail line in photos, but it doesn't show as much in real life.

Next is Pros & Confidence, a turquoise creme polish. This one I had trouble photographing the true color, but finally captured it on my camera. I used just one coat because I felt it covered well in just one coat. There is still visible nail line, so two coats would have been best. It really stained the sides of my nails bad, as you can most definitely see in the photo.

Last up is Be Ama-zing!, a bright pink creme polish. This one I had a little trouble applying.I used one coat for this photo, and while you can still see nail line, it isn't that noticeable.

These polishes, while I love them, didn't clean up well and clung to my hangnails and accentuated them, but that was the only issue. My favorite is probably Be Amazing!, but I am partial to pinks.

If you guys haven't yet, and if the deal is still going on (not sure), go to Kellogg's Special K site and sign up and start buying Special K products with these polishes on the boxes and send away for these. I think they are worth every penny!

Well, that's all for now, I hope you guys loved the swatches, bye!

Saturday, August 10, 2013

Classic Films Cosmetics Swatches and Review

Hey everyone! It has come a time in my blogging career that I now have the lovely pleasure to do reviews for some nail polish brands. I am so excited!

The first one I have here to show you guys is from Classic Films Cosmetics. They sent me a big package of 7 full size polishes, which was quite generous of them! All of these were glitter filled polishes, which I know a lot of you love, so get excited!

The first polish up for you guys is called D.O.A. This one was the most sheer of the bunch, so I decided to top this one over Barielle Shades Swizzle Stick. This is one coat of D.O.A of two coats of Swizzle Stick. The polish applied like a dream, and removed like a dream too! This glitter topper is a combo of silver, mint, light blue, purple and pink hex, bar, circle, and micro glitters that gleam gold in the light. Since it is a light topper, it is hard to see in the photo.

Next up, this polish is called Impact. This one has a little bit of a base color to it, so I didn't top it over anything. The base is a shimmery, milky sheer white, and it has black bar, circle, and diamond glitters, with small red hex glitters. It went on so well, I had no issues at all. This is three coats.

Next is Lady in the Lake, a polish with a blight grey-blue glittery base with coppery pink small hex glitters and micro silver glitter. This one also applied well! This is three coats:

The next polish up is called They Live By Night. This one has a medium-dark sheer blue base with silver moon, star, and small hex glitters throughout. It also has super micro red glitter that is hard to see. Application was a little difficult, but after three coats it was fine. To remove it was more difficult, some of the glitter didn't want to leave my nails. I don't do the foil method, so you can imagine how hard it was.

The next one is much different than the rest I've shown you so far, because this one is pink, and it leans towards a shimmer jelly. The name of this one is Spellbound. This like I said is a pink shimmy jelly that has red heart, silver flower, small silver hex, and yellow glitters throughout. I did three coats for this one, it was super sheer, and I probably should have layered it over another polish, but I wanted to show how the polishes looked on their own. This one went on nicely, but taking it off was another pain. Sorry for some glitter from the previous polish on this swatch, it was so hard to get everything off.

The sixth polish I swatched is called Sunset Boulevard. This is a copper colored glitter polish with copper and silver hex and circle glitter running thoughout. It applied well, and removed was tough. This is three coats.

The last swatch (phew!) that I have to show you guys is a polish called Lured. This one may be my favorite, or one of my favorites, of the bunch. This is a greenish-gold polish with holographic silver square glitters and small gold hex glitters. This one went on great, and removal wasn't as bad. Sorry about the light on this one, it didn't want to photograph well and this was the best shot I could get.

I hope you guys enjoyed my swatches and love these polishes as much as I do! When applying all of these polishes, just want to mention that I didn't have to fish for any glitter what so ever, which is the sign of a perfect glitter polish!

You can purchase Classic Films Cosmetics polishes on her Etsy page, and come check her out at her Facebook page here,

Talk to you guys later, bye!

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Hebridean Sprite Beauty "Nordic Borealis" Review and Swatches

Hey guys, sorry I've been away a little bit from the blog, just wanted to give my nails a little rest from polish, and plus I was waiting to see if some of the polish I have coming to me in the mail would come, but not yet! So I pulled out an older polish I won back in March or April in a polish giveaway but has yet to try out yet.

The polish I have to show to you today is from Hebridean Sprite Beauty. I don't hear much about this brand from other bloggers, but I don't know why. At least with this polish I have right now, it's so pretty, I think they need more exposure.

The name of this color is Nordic Borealis. It is more of a grey-blue in person, but I jut couldn't capture the exact shade it is on my nails.

This first swatch is as close to real life as I could get.
This swatch shows more of the shimmery duo-holo-ish properties of this polish.

This swatch was taken with flash.

The polish went on well, but was a bit sheer, so I did three coats, four on some that were a bit too thin. Also, some bubbles appeared, but that was probably my fault, I should have waited a few more minutes between coats, but I still love this color regardless!

You can buy Hebridean Sprite Beauty polishes at and you can visit them at their facebook page,

Well, that's it for now guys! Talk to you later!

Sunday, August 4, 2013

300 Facebook Likes Giveaway

The last giveaway I had, which was my first one, was so successful that it took me straight past 100, past 200, to 300 likes. So I am back so soon again with another giveaway for reaching 300 likes, but by this point now I am at 323 likes.

This giveaway involves Polish Love and myself. We are both giving away two polishes each.

My prize: Two Island Girl polishes (only found in Hawaii), in Island Dream and Island Paradise

Polish Love: Two mini polishes, one is a blue crelly with pink glitter, and the other is a pink and blue glitter polish in a clear base.

Giveaway is US only (sorry international people) and runs for 2 weeks just like my last one! I hope you guys enjoy entering!

a Rafflecopter giveaway