Saturday, August 17, 2013

Glitterfied Nails Swatches and Review

Hey everyone! On Friday I received a lovely trio of mini polishes from Glitterfied Nails in the mail for me to review. I wasn't going to swatch them until today or Sunday, but I was excited so I did them last night. In my review, I also included a full size Glitterfied Nails polish that I won from The Nail Files back in April, that I never tried out yet.

None of these polishes were purchased by me, three sent for review and one won in a giveaway, just to make it clear. Opinions/review are my on honest opinions.

To start off the review, here are the three polishes that I was sent.

The first lovely that I have to show you is called Bubblegum Blast. This is three coats alone. It went on great, I had no issues with it. It's a little sheer, but I thought it had a decent enough base to it that I would use it alone. This color is a pastel pink with micro medium pink glitter running throughout.

Next up, this polish this called Raspberry Ice. I used one coat of Wet n Wild Wild Shine's Teal Slowly and See. This one went on great as well, no issues here. This is basically a glitter topper filled with micro medium fuschia, magenta, and hot pink glitter.

 The last polish that was sent to me to review is called Playoffs. This polish is actually from their new Team Spirit line for back to school. This is a mix of various red, gray, and silver medium, small, and micro glitters in a clear base. It went on well, no issue like the last two. I swatched it over Wet n Wild Wild Shine's Listening To Blue Reed.

After I swatched the three Glitterfied Nails sent me, I thought I'd also swatch the polish I won in a giveaway as I hadn't used it yet. This one is called Penny. It is a copper/gold glitter topper with aqua/turquoise glitter sparsed throughout. I swatched this over the same polish as I did in the last swatch, Listening To Blue Reed. This one went on fantastic. It was a little more sparse, so I used three coats.

I hope you guys enjoyed my swatches of the lovely Glitterfied Nails' polishes. Currently, Glitterfied Nails is having a discount code going until August 30th. If you enter BACKTOSCHOOL on their Etsy page, it is is good for 15% off 2 or more polishes. Pick some up if you haven't yet, she makes such pretty glitter toppers!

Well, that' all I have to share with you guys for now, i hope you enjoyed! Talk to you later, bye!


  1. This polish is gorgeous and your swatches look phenomenal!!

  2. Great blog, glad I found you on Bloglovin! I am a nail polish ADDICT so naturally I love your polish posts ;)
    Much Love,
    -Stephanie Eva