Saturday, August 10, 2013

Classic Films Cosmetics Swatches and Review

Hey everyone! It has come a time in my blogging career that I now have the lovely pleasure to do reviews for some nail polish brands. I am so excited!

The first one I have here to show you guys is from Classic Films Cosmetics. They sent me a big package of 7 full size polishes, which was quite generous of them! All of these were glitter filled polishes, which I know a lot of you love, so get excited!

The first polish up for you guys is called D.O.A. This one was the most sheer of the bunch, so I decided to top this one over Barielle Shades Swizzle Stick. This is one coat of D.O.A of two coats of Swizzle Stick. The polish applied like a dream, and removed like a dream too! This glitter topper is a combo of silver, mint, light blue, purple and pink hex, bar, circle, and micro glitters that gleam gold in the light. Since it is a light topper, it is hard to see in the photo.

Next up, this polish is called Impact. This one has a little bit of a base color to it, so I didn't top it over anything. The base is a shimmery, milky sheer white, and it has black bar, circle, and diamond glitters, with small red hex glitters. It went on so well, I had no issues at all. This is three coats.

Next is Lady in the Lake, a polish with a blight grey-blue glittery base with coppery pink small hex glitters and micro silver glitter. This one also applied well! This is three coats:

The next polish up is called They Live By Night. This one has a medium-dark sheer blue base with silver moon, star, and small hex glitters throughout. It also has super micro red glitter that is hard to see. Application was a little difficult, but after three coats it was fine. To remove it was more difficult, some of the glitter didn't want to leave my nails. I don't do the foil method, so you can imagine how hard it was.

The next one is much different than the rest I've shown you so far, because this one is pink, and it leans towards a shimmer jelly. The name of this one is Spellbound. This like I said is a pink shimmy jelly that has red heart, silver flower, small silver hex, and yellow glitters throughout. I did three coats for this one, it was super sheer, and I probably should have layered it over another polish, but I wanted to show how the polishes looked on their own. This one went on nicely, but taking it off was another pain. Sorry for some glitter from the previous polish on this swatch, it was so hard to get everything off.

The sixth polish I swatched is called Sunset Boulevard. This is a copper colored glitter polish with copper and silver hex and circle glitter running thoughout. It applied well, and removed was tough. This is three coats.

The last swatch (phew!) that I have to show you guys is a polish called Lured. This one may be my favorite, or one of my favorites, of the bunch. This is a greenish-gold polish with holographic silver square glitters and small gold hex glitters. This one went on great, and removal wasn't as bad. Sorry about the light on this one, it didn't want to photograph well and this was the best shot I could get.

I hope you guys enjoyed my swatches and love these polishes as much as I do! When applying all of these polishes, just want to mention that I didn't have to fish for any glitter what so ever, which is the sign of a perfect glitter polish!

You can purchase Classic Films Cosmetics polishes on her Etsy page, and come check her out at her Facebook page here,

Talk to you guys later, bye!


  1. They're all gorgeous, I think my favorite is Sunset Boulevard! Lovely swatches as always :)

    1. Thank you! My favorites are The Live By Night and Lured.