Sunday, June 30, 2013

Long Drugs Haul and LA Colors Review

Today I have a combo post, with both a small haul and a review.

First up, I would love to share the haul I picked up today at Longs Drugs. They had Wet n Wild Cosmetics on sale today, for 40% off. Most of the colors they had for nail polish, at least the ones I like, I had, but I found one I loved and didn't own yet, plus I decided to pick up another LA Colors, as lately that is my favorite nail polish brand.

I picked up Wet n Wild Wild Shine Caribbean Frost. This is a metallic green-teal. I just love colors like this! The second and last polish that I picked up was LA Colors Blue Velvet. This is a medium-dark blue. Lately I just love LA Colors and am picking up more and more when I used to shy away from this brand because of the price.

Now I have a review of another LA Colors polish, called Sky Blue Glitter.

This is a light aqua blue glitter polish, that has a tiny bit of green properties to it. I topped off this polish with LA Colors Color Craze Flurry. Might not have been the best choice to choose this color to put Flurry over, I still think it came out really pretty. It went on pretty perfect too, no smudges or gloppiness.

Well, that's all for today, I hope you enjoyed the haul and review! Talk to you guys later!

Ross and Don Quijote Haul

Today I went out with my mom to lunch at Taco Bell, and then we did a little shopping afterwards. First we went to Ross, and then we went to this local store called Don Quijote.

The first store we went to was Ross, and while we were there, I found a lot of nail polish sets and collections that I haven't seen before. I wanted to get a couple other sets, but restrained myself and just bought this one from LA Colors. Seems they combined seven of their polishes from their regular Color Craze line into this collection called Star Power. It is made up completely of glitter polishes as you can tell in the image.

The polishes that came in this set are as follows: Sassy Sparkle (white glitter), Star light (silver glitter), Tinsel (light/bright pink glitter), Broken Hearted (dark pink glitter), Confetti (Americana-themed glitter), Flurry (light blue glitter), Dizzy (gold glitter).

Then when we went to Don Quijote, I noticed that finally, a store in Hawaii has the new Wet n Wild Fast Dry Hot Rocks Collection! While I am not a super huge red, green, or purple fan, the blue was calling my name, and that is the polish to the right of the LA Colors set. It's called Caught On Sapphire. It's a polish with a medium blue shimmer base, and large hex bright blue glitter throughout.

Well, that's all I have to share for now, I hope you all enjoyed seeing my haul from Saturday. Talk to you guys later!

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Walmart Haul

I don't 100% of the time blog about my hauls, I try to most of the time, but sometimes I just don't feel like it, or I don't wan to blog about one polish I bought, but I have enough this haul to talk about them.

 On Wednesday, I went to Walmart with my mom and saw a few polishes that were calling my name. None of these were on sale, but they were at a decent price so I decided to pick them up.

The first two polishes that I picked up were from Wet n Wild's Fast Dry collection, "Teal or No Teal", and "How I Met Your Magenta". Teal or No Teal is an aqua polish with duochrome qualities. In the light, it flashes some teal/turquoise bits. How I Met Your Magenta is a lovely hot neon pink and has microfine shimmer that is really tough to see unless you really look hard, but I still love it. These each cost less than $2 each.

The last one I picked up was from Maybelline Color Show's new polish collection, Polka Dots. It is called "Blue Marks the Spot". This is a very unique polish, with a blue-grey base mixed with large black and white hex glitter, medium black hex glitter, and small black and white glitters.

This is a bottle shot of two polishes. Turns out, I had Teal or No Teal already. The one I had already is on the left, and the one I purchased in this haul is on the right. As you can tell, they are totally different. The original formula is more teal and green. I wonder why they have the same name, but are two totally different colors?

Well, that's all for now, I hope you enjoyed my haul! Talk to you guys later!

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

L.A. Colors "Pink Sizzle"

Last night, starting at 10 or 11, I decided to paint my nails. I got this new L.A. Colors nail polish from Longs Drugs, called "Pink Sizzle". At least, I think that's the name, as they have to raise the prices here in Hawaii, so they need to remove the name and barcode.

As it was done late at night, and at night usually the light isn't as good, I waited until after I came home from being out with my dad to take photos.

I decided to take three with my phone and a couple with my digital camera to see how the colors came out for each.

These first two shots are taken with my digital camera. The first one shows it a bright magenta, and the second shows it with more purple tones, more of a fuchsia.

These three are taken with my smartphone.  The first two appear more lighter, as they were taken around 3pm, and the last one was taken around 7pm which is why it appears darker, which is closest to how it appears on my nails.

I suggest if you guys can find this color in any store, be it CVS, Walgreens, wherever they sell L.A Colors products, I suggest you buy this. It is such a unique duochrome that can appear purple in some lights, a bright, dark pink in others, and even sometimes it appears a dark, burnt red as well!

Well, that's all I have for you guys today! I hope you enjoyed it! Talk to you later.

Monday, June 24, 2013

Polish Comparison

Today I have for you a number of polish comparisons. I have noticed that I have a lot of colors that are very close to one another, so I decided to swatch them and see how close a match they are or if they don't even come close at all.

The first group that I have for you guys that I swatched for you guys are mint green polishes. Four of my polishes appeared similar in the bottle, so I wanted to see how close they were.

Here are the polishes for this comparison:

 NYC "Tudor City Teal", Wet n Wild: Wild Shine Color Wave Collection's Teal, Sinful Colors "Mint Apple" and Liquidus Nail Gloss "Smithsonite"

The colors go in that order on each of my nails, minus the thumb which I didn't polish, so pointer has NYC, middle has Wet n Wild, ring has Sinful Colors, and pinky has Liquidus:

 Sorry, the pictures didn't come out the greatest, my cameras suck. But it turns out that none of them are dupes in the least. Only NYC and Sinful Colors turned out the closest. NYC is a darker teal, Sinful Colors is a teal with shimmer in it. The Wet n Wild polish has more blue tones, and the Liquidus polish, while similar to the rest in the bottle, is more of a silvery teal with metallic tones.

The next comparison is between these duochrome-ish turquoise/blue polishes:

NYX "Be Jeweled", Wet n Wild Fast Dry "Teal of Fortune", Jessie's Girl "Glee", and Wet n Wild: Wild Shine Color Wave Collection's duochrome blue

The pointer has NYX, middle has Wet n Wild Fast Dry, ring has Jessie's Girl, and pinky has Wet n Wild Wild Shine:

One is a bit blurrier than the other, but I posted two similar shots to show the little bit of color difference between the polishes.

While the two Wet n Wild polishes and the Jessie's Girl polish appear all the same, the Wet n Wild: Wild Shine polish was the darkest, Jessie's Girl had more green tones, and Wet n Wild Fast Dry was in between the two. While the NYX polish appears really close to the other three in the bottle, it goes on super sheer in the photos. None are exact dupes, but I'd say you can just get any of Wet n Wild or Jessie's girl polishes and that would be good enough for this color.

The next comparison is between lilac/lavender polishes:

 NYC "Lexington Lilac", Rimmel Lasting Finish PRO "Wild Orchid", Covergirl Outlast Stay Brilliant Glosstinis "Purple Freeze", and Sally Hansen Hard as Nails "No Hard Feelings"

Again, none of these are dupes, although the last three polishes appear as such in the bottle. The NYC polish is the darkest, and has brown tendencies. Rimmel is in the middle of the four polishes, dark but still pretty. The Covergirl and Sally Hansen polishes are close to being dupes, but the Covergirl polish is a bit lighter. Since they are all different, I'd suggest all of these polishes!

One last comparison, of a very light lilac purple:

Rimmel 60 Seconds "I Lilac You" and SpaRitual "Lucid"

Rimmel on pointer and ring, SpaRitual on middle and pinky. I know these two really aren't similar in the bottle, but they were the lightest of the lilac/lavender polishes I wanted to compare, and I thought they would make a neat comparison with each other. Rimmel comes out more lighter, and on the purple side like it should. SpaRitual is light as well, but when photographed, comes out more like a light cloud blue.

So none of the polishes I compared for you today are dupes at all, but I hope my comparison helps you guys to decide what polishes you like and don't like and maybe what to buy and what not to buy. Also, sorry for my nails not being cleaned up, I figured as these were fast swatches, I didn't want to spend much time on cleanup. I hope that's alright.

Well, that's all I have for you today, talk to you guys later.

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Sparitual "Lucid"

Today I decided to chop off all of my nails and start fresh, so that I could finally paint them and do swatches more often again.

After I chopped them off, I decided to paint my nails with SpaRitual "Lucid".

 On top of the whole thing, I decided to add Sally Hansen, Complete Salon Manicure "Hidden Treasure". The metallic duochrome version, not the glitter flakie. I like how it gives it a shimmery, metallic-y finish to this basic polish. 

This is a simple mani, but I think it's so pretty. The color is more lilac in person, but most shots I have seen of this, it shows up at a light blue, which also looks pretty in pictures.

Well, that's all for today, I'll be around more often with mani posts as my nails can now grow out healthy! Talk to you guys later!

Sunday, June 16, 2013

How I Store My Polish

Tonight I FINALLY am going to talk about how I store my polish, after saying I would on my Facebook page for the past several days. Sorry for making you guys wait, but now wait no longer.

Usually, I know polish collectors and hoarders love to store there polish one of three ways: shoe box/similar size box, Helmers from Ikea or similar cabinet storage from Ikea, or nail polish table top or wall racks. I use NONE of these. What I use to hold all of my polish, is quite unique.

At first, I wanted to use nail polish racks, and I was all ready and planned to make one myself out of foam board, as I had seen videos on Youtube showing how to make your own. This didn't work out though. My mom at first didn't want me to make one, and also, when we went to look at the foam board in stores like Walmart and local stores, they were too expensive. Also, my room has popcorn walls, and things have a hard time sticking to the wall, so I gave up that idea.

My mom goes to Ross a lot, and she saw something else I could try to use to store my polish. The thing she found, is really not made for polish at all. It's a hanging, over the door jewelry organizer, with pockets that can hold around 2 big size polishes each or 3-4 small polishes.

To store my nail polish in these jewelry oragnizers, I use this over my door:

Ignore the poster of Betty Boop under the over the door hanger. I have a door hanger with three parts, which can hold three jewelry organizers.

Here is one of my jewelry "nail polish" holders on the racks, so you are able to see exactly what they look like:

Sorry for the big size, it's so that you guys can really see what it looks like. Each organizer has five pockets in each row except for the last row that has three huge pockets. The organizer has two sides, with seven rows on each side.

Here is how I store my polish in these jewelry orgnaizers, this one is full on both sides, although you can only see the front of it:

Lastly, here is a picture of both of my organizers full of polish. As you can see, I only around half filled the front side of my second organizer:


Well, this is how I have chosen to store my polish. It's not any of the traditional methods, but this is what works for me and I like that it's unique.

So, what I want to know is, what are all of you all's polish storage methods, what do you think of mine, and if anyone else out there stores polish the same way that I do. Leave me some comments to let me know all about your polish storage!

Well, that's it for now. Talk to you guys later!

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Longs Drugs Haul

Hey guys, today I went to Longs Drugs with my mom and she bought me a handful of nail polish. I offered the pay, but she didn't mind buying them for me. Now, if I didn't already explain, Longs Drugs is Hawaii's CVS. It's owned by CVS, so it's pretty much the same thing, but they let Longs Drugs keep their name.

They had NYC Cosmetics on sale today, and they had some Wet n Wild polish in their clearance section on sale, so I picked out four.

One shot with flash, and one without. The first three colors are the NYC polishes. The first one is 109, Pink Promenade Creme. This is a magenta pink, dark but bright. I love colors like these. The next one is 142, Preppry Pink. This is a light pink, but not a baby pink. It's close to a middle of the road pink. The last NYC polish I picked up was 152, Tudor City Teal. It's a nice light teal, close to a green mint. This belongs in the teal green family instead of the teal blue family.

The last polish I picked up was Wet n Wild Wild Shine in Night Prowl. I haven't seen this polish before in any store, it's very unique. This seems to be leaning towards a duochrome polish. It has a black base with dark fuchsia shimmer throughout the whole thing. It will probably be easy to see once I get around to swatching it for you guys.

Well, that's all for now. Later tonight I will do my polish storage post, as I like to do posts like that, picture heavy and time consuming, when everyone is asleep. Talk to you then!

Friday, June 14, 2013

Sally Hansen Hard as Nails "Solid As A Rock"

After at least a week letting my nails get healthy and less brittle, I decided it was time to paint them again. I just couldn't stand looking at my ugly bare nails any longer. I just did a subtle mani this time as my nails still need a bit more healing.

I decided to use Sally Hansen Hard as Nails Solid As A Rock. I chose this polish as it would help with my healing process as this polish is supposed to harden your nails and make them stronger. I did a bit of a french-ish style with this one, using a Color Club clear silver glitter that came in their Blossoming Collection at the tips. Sorry about my pinky nail, the glitter was hard to catch so it clumped up a bit there.

If I didn't gloop up my pinky nail when I applied the glitter on that one, I think this would be pretty perfect, if you ignore the streakiness of this Sally Hansen polish.

Well, that's all for now, tomorrow I'll show you all how I store and organize my polish. Talk to you later!

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

L.A. Colors Blue Paradise

I have another post today, a short one, to show you my nails that I did today with L.A. Colors Blue Paradise.

While I typically don't use L.A colors because I am not overwhelmed by their colors, yesterday my mom came home from work and brought this polish home for me. She knows how much I love duochrome polishes, and I just love this. 

It is a blue duochrome polish that has silver and pink tones to it, depending on how it is viewed in the light. I just decided to show a spot on picture, where you can see some of the sliver, blue, and pink tones altogether. I really love this color a lot, and may end up using it several times. I think you all should go out and try to find this color in your local drugstore if you don't have it already.

Well, that's it for now. Talk to you guys later!

Fantastic Nail Mail from Pointless Cafe

Today I have some fantastic nail mail to show everyone, which I am still so giddy over!

Over on Facebook, I won a big giveaway that Pointless Cafe was holding over on her page. The prize for this giveaway was said to be 5 full sized polishes and 4 mini polishes, but oh ho, I got so much more than I expected.

Here is a group shot of everything I won. Ignore the coffee maker and radio, I really don't have a free table to just put stuff on and snap pics. I am going to post several pics of groups of the prizes today and tell you all what each thing is that I received.

The first batch:

This groups are the drugstore/non-online polishes that I received (with her thanks for following on the back of her business card she sent). The first polish in this picture is OPI Austin-Tatious Turquoise. While I already had this one in a mini version with a set I ordered on Amazon, I don't mind. It is still a pretty teal-y blue either way. The next one is Sinful Colors Mesmerize. This one is actually dark purple, not blue like the picture suggests. Loreal Stroke of Midnight is next. It's sorta a gunmetal blue-ish gray kind of color. My first Loreal polish since they switched to these bottles and formular and so excited! The last one in this picture is a mini bottle of Essie's Size Matters, from their Winter 2011 collection.

These are the full size indie polishes that I got. Sorry for the bad photo, I was just too excited. Darling Diva Polish's Wicked Attraction is the first one. It's a purple polish with blue and purple glitter running throughout. The next is Jindie Nails Silent Night. It's a dark blue polish with silver and blue big and small glitter and silver moon shaped glitter running throughout. The next is Hare Polish What I Wore to the Revolution. It is purely a glitter topper, but of course if you really wanted you could wear it solo. It's made up or red and black glitters. Right next to it is Hebridean Sprite Beauty's Nordic Borealis. This is a metallic-y silvery blue polish. From all of the polishes so far that I got, this is the only one whose brand I haven't really heard of. The last polish in this group is from Rainbow Honey. It is called Ephemeral. It's a shimmery dusty pink polish. This one is actually listed as mini on their etsy page, but at 7ml, which is a bit bigger than the regular minis, I consider this full size in my eyes.

The next post shows the mini indie polishes I received:

Sorry for the little bit of blurriness, my camera just didn't want to come into focus for this one, so this is the best shot I got. Also, the labels are big, so it's hard to tell what the colors look like, so may need to Google for these ones, but here goes. The first one of the four is from The Polish Bar. It's called Perfect Harmony. I love this color, it's a gorgeous mint tone with purple and silver square and mini glitter running throughout. Can't wait to try this one out. The next is by Model City, it is called Sheena Is A Punk Rocker (like The Ramones song). It is black based polish, with large hot pink glitter and micro gold glitter running throughout. Right next to it is from Lacquerlicious. It is called Pebble Stone. This is another black based polish, with a variety of colored glitters running throughout. The last polish that I received is by Hot Chick Physics, and this one is called Grape Jelly. This is just a purple jelly polish, but it is a rich, pretty color.

The last things that I received in my package were candy, a blue glass nail file, and a Glitter Daze cuticle stick:

That's everything I received. This was so generous of her to give away such a big prize pack, and I love everything I have received. I hope you all enjoyed looking at my polish winnings and maybe it will make you want to buy some of these polishes yourself.

Well, that's it for now! Talk to you guys later!

Saturday, June 1, 2013

TJMaxx Haul

Today when my mom went shopping this afternoon, we decided to drop by TJMaxx to see what they have. The past handful of times we've gone, their nail polish sections have been bare, and I've only found like one polish each time that I liked.

This time though, it seems like they had new stock added, because there was so many new polishes I haven't seen before, so many that I wanted to buy. I didn't have a ton of money on me, so I just decided to get four, each at $3.99 each (great deal especially for the first polish in the picture. Out of everything I've bought lately, I think these four are some of the most unique, gorgeous polishes I've purchased.

So let's get to describing the four polishes that I picked up today. The first one on the left is by SpaRitual, and the name is Lucid. I can't really say exactly what color it is. I guess it's like a light lilac/lavender color. It's a really subtle color, but so pretty and i have nothing like it at all.

The next three are all Orly polishes, and I LOVE THEM SO MUCH. They are so gorgeous, and I don't have anything like them AT ALL. Plus, I just really love Orly polish in general. They always seem to put out so many unique colors. The first one of the three is called Oh Cabana Boy. It's a neon hot pink with shimmer, and so pretty. The next one is called Angel Eyes. This one is a medium blue with blue and silver glitter throughout. The last of the three is called Preamp. This is a dusty pink with shimmer throughout.

Not sure if all of the TJMaxxs are getting more stock of polishes in their stores, but it seemed that mine sure did. So if anything, I just suggest that everyone who has a TJMaxx in their area go and check it out to see what nail polish yours has in stock.

Well, that's all for now, talk to you guys later!