Saturday, June 15, 2013

Longs Drugs Haul

Hey guys, today I went to Longs Drugs with my mom and she bought me a handful of nail polish. I offered the pay, but she didn't mind buying them for me. Now, if I didn't already explain, Longs Drugs is Hawaii's CVS. It's owned by CVS, so it's pretty much the same thing, but they let Longs Drugs keep their name.

They had NYC Cosmetics on sale today, and they had some Wet n Wild polish in their clearance section on sale, so I picked out four.

One shot with flash, and one without. The first three colors are the NYC polishes. The first one is 109, Pink Promenade Creme. This is a magenta pink, dark but bright. I love colors like these. The next one is 142, Preppry Pink. This is a light pink, but not a baby pink. It's close to a middle of the road pink. The last NYC polish I picked up was 152, Tudor City Teal. It's a nice light teal, close to a green mint. This belongs in the teal green family instead of the teal blue family.

The last polish I picked up was Wet n Wild Wild Shine in Night Prowl. I haven't seen this polish before in any store, it's very unique. This seems to be leaning towards a duochrome polish. It has a black base with dark fuchsia shimmer throughout the whole thing. It will probably be easy to see once I get around to swatching it for you guys.

Well, that's all for now. Later tonight I will do my polish storage post, as I like to do posts like that, picture heavy and time consuming, when everyone is asleep. Talk to you then!

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