Sunday, June 30, 2013

Ross and Don Quijote Haul

Today I went out with my mom to lunch at Taco Bell, and then we did a little shopping afterwards. First we went to Ross, and then we went to this local store called Don Quijote.

The first store we went to was Ross, and while we were there, I found a lot of nail polish sets and collections that I haven't seen before. I wanted to get a couple other sets, but restrained myself and just bought this one from LA Colors. Seems they combined seven of their polishes from their regular Color Craze line into this collection called Star Power. It is made up completely of glitter polishes as you can tell in the image.

The polishes that came in this set are as follows: Sassy Sparkle (white glitter), Star light (silver glitter), Tinsel (light/bright pink glitter), Broken Hearted (dark pink glitter), Confetti (Americana-themed glitter), Flurry (light blue glitter), Dizzy (gold glitter).

Then when we went to Don Quijote, I noticed that finally, a store in Hawaii has the new Wet n Wild Fast Dry Hot Rocks Collection! While I am not a super huge red, green, or purple fan, the blue was calling my name, and that is the polish to the right of the LA Colors set. It's called Caught On Sapphire. It's a polish with a medium blue shimmer base, and large hex bright blue glitter throughout.

Well, that's all I have to share for now, I hope you all enjoyed seeing my haul from Saturday. Talk to you guys later!

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