Monday, June 24, 2013

Polish Comparison

Today I have for you a number of polish comparisons. I have noticed that I have a lot of colors that are very close to one another, so I decided to swatch them and see how close a match they are or if they don't even come close at all.

The first group that I have for you guys that I swatched for you guys are mint green polishes. Four of my polishes appeared similar in the bottle, so I wanted to see how close they were.

Here are the polishes for this comparison:

 NYC "Tudor City Teal", Wet n Wild: Wild Shine Color Wave Collection's Teal, Sinful Colors "Mint Apple" and Liquidus Nail Gloss "Smithsonite"

The colors go in that order on each of my nails, minus the thumb which I didn't polish, so pointer has NYC, middle has Wet n Wild, ring has Sinful Colors, and pinky has Liquidus:

 Sorry, the pictures didn't come out the greatest, my cameras suck. But it turns out that none of them are dupes in the least. Only NYC and Sinful Colors turned out the closest. NYC is a darker teal, Sinful Colors is a teal with shimmer in it. The Wet n Wild polish has more blue tones, and the Liquidus polish, while similar to the rest in the bottle, is more of a silvery teal with metallic tones.

The next comparison is between these duochrome-ish turquoise/blue polishes:

NYX "Be Jeweled", Wet n Wild Fast Dry "Teal of Fortune", Jessie's Girl "Glee", and Wet n Wild: Wild Shine Color Wave Collection's duochrome blue

The pointer has NYX, middle has Wet n Wild Fast Dry, ring has Jessie's Girl, and pinky has Wet n Wild Wild Shine:

One is a bit blurrier than the other, but I posted two similar shots to show the little bit of color difference between the polishes.

While the two Wet n Wild polishes and the Jessie's Girl polish appear all the same, the Wet n Wild: Wild Shine polish was the darkest, Jessie's Girl had more green tones, and Wet n Wild Fast Dry was in between the two. While the NYX polish appears really close to the other three in the bottle, it goes on super sheer in the photos. None are exact dupes, but I'd say you can just get any of Wet n Wild or Jessie's girl polishes and that would be good enough for this color.

The next comparison is between lilac/lavender polishes:

 NYC "Lexington Lilac", Rimmel Lasting Finish PRO "Wild Orchid", Covergirl Outlast Stay Brilliant Glosstinis "Purple Freeze", and Sally Hansen Hard as Nails "No Hard Feelings"

Again, none of these are dupes, although the last three polishes appear as such in the bottle. The NYC polish is the darkest, and has brown tendencies. Rimmel is in the middle of the four polishes, dark but still pretty. The Covergirl and Sally Hansen polishes are close to being dupes, but the Covergirl polish is a bit lighter. Since they are all different, I'd suggest all of these polishes!

One last comparison, of a very light lilac purple:

Rimmel 60 Seconds "I Lilac You" and SpaRitual "Lucid"

Rimmel on pointer and ring, SpaRitual on middle and pinky. I know these two really aren't similar in the bottle, but they were the lightest of the lilac/lavender polishes I wanted to compare, and I thought they would make a neat comparison with each other. Rimmel comes out more lighter, and on the purple side like it should. SpaRitual is light as well, but when photographed, comes out more like a light cloud blue.

So none of the polishes I compared for you today are dupes at all, but I hope my comparison helps you guys to decide what polishes you like and don't like and maybe what to buy and what not to buy. Also, sorry for my nails not being cleaned up, I figured as these were fast swatches, I didn't want to spend much time on cleanup. I hope that's alright.

Well, that's all I have for you today, talk to you guys later.

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