Sunday, June 30, 2013

Long Drugs Haul and LA Colors Review

Today I have a combo post, with both a small haul and a review.

First up, I would love to share the haul I picked up today at Longs Drugs. They had Wet n Wild Cosmetics on sale today, for 40% off. Most of the colors they had for nail polish, at least the ones I like, I had, but I found one I loved and didn't own yet, plus I decided to pick up another LA Colors, as lately that is my favorite nail polish brand.

I picked up Wet n Wild Wild Shine Caribbean Frost. This is a metallic green-teal. I just love colors like this! The second and last polish that I picked up was LA Colors Blue Velvet. This is a medium-dark blue. Lately I just love LA Colors and am picking up more and more when I used to shy away from this brand because of the price.

Now I have a review of another LA Colors polish, called Sky Blue Glitter.

This is a light aqua blue glitter polish, that has a tiny bit of green properties to it. I topped off this polish with LA Colors Color Craze Flurry. Might not have been the best choice to choose this color to put Flurry over, I still think it came out really pretty. It went on pretty perfect too, no smudges or gloppiness.

Well, that's all for today, I hope you enjoyed the haul and review! Talk to you guys later!

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