Friday, June 14, 2013

Sally Hansen Hard as Nails "Solid As A Rock"

After at least a week letting my nails get healthy and less brittle, I decided it was time to paint them again. I just couldn't stand looking at my ugly bare nails any longer. I just did a subtle mani this time as my nails still need a bit more healing.

I decided to use Sally Hansen Hard as Nails Solid As A Rock. I chose this polish as it would help with my healing process as this polish is supposed to harden your nails and make them stronger. I did a bit of a french-ish style with this one, using a Color Club clear silver glitter that came in their Blossoming Collection at the tips. Sorry about my pinky nail, the glitter was hard to catch so it clumped up a bit there.

If I didn't gloop up my pinky nail when I applied the glitter on that one, I think this would be pretty perfect, if you ignore the streakiness of this Sally Hansen polish.

Well, that's all for now, tomorrow I'll show you all how I store and organize my polish. Talk to you later!

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