Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Fantastic Nail Mail from Pointless Cafe

Today I have some fantastic nail mail to show everyone, which I am still so giddy over!

Over on Facebook, I won a big giveaway that Pointless Cafe was holding over on her page. The prize for this giveaway was said to be 5 full sized polishes and 4 mini polishes, but oh ho, I got so much more than I expected.

Here is a group shot of everything I won. Ignore the coffee maker and radio, I really don't have a free table to just put stuff on and snap pics. I am going to post several pics of groups of the prizes today and tell you all what each thing is that I received.

The first batch:

This groups are the drugstore/non-online polishes that I received (with her thanks for following on the back of her business card she sent). The first polish in this picture is OPI Austin-Tatious Turquoise. While I already had this one in a mini version with a set I ordered on Amazon, I don't mind. It is still a pretty teal-y blue either way. The next one is Sinful Colors Mesmerize. This one is actually dark purple, not blue like the picture suggests. Loreal Stroke of Midnight is next. It's sorta a gunmetal blue-ish gray kind of color. My first Loreal polish since they switched to these bottles and formular and so excited! The last one in this picture is a mini bottle of Essie's Size Matters, from their Winter 2011 collection.

These are the full size indie polishes that I got. Sorry for the bad photo, I was just too excited. Darling Diva Polish's Wicked Attraction is the first one. It's a purple polish with blue and purple glitter running throughout. The next is Jindie Nails Silent Night. It's a dark blue polish with silver and blue big and small glitter and silver moon shaped glitter running throughout. The next is Hare Polish What I Wore to the Revolution. It is purely a glitter topper, but of course if you really wanted you could wear it solo. It's made up or red and black glitters. Right next to it is Hebridean Sprite Beauty's Nordic Borealis. This is a metallic-y silvery blue polish. From all of the polishes so far that I got, this is the only one whose brand I haven't really heard of. The last polish in this group is from Rainbow Honey. It is called Ephemeral. It's a shimmery dusty pink polish. This one is actually listed as mini on their etsy page, but at 7ml, which is a bit bigger than the regular minis, I consider this full size in my eyes.

The next post shows the mini indie polishes I received:

Sorry for the little bit of blurriness, my camera just didn't want to come into focus for this one, so this is the best shot I got. Also, the labels are big, so it's hard to tell what the colors look like, so may need to Google for these ones, but here goes. The first one of the four is from The Polish Bar. It's called Perfect Harmony. I love this color, it's a gorgeous mint tone with purple and silver square and mini glitter running throughout. Can't wait to try this one out. The next is by Model City, it is called Sheena Is A Punk Rocker (like The Ramones song). It is black based polish, with large hot pink glitter and micro gold glitter running throughout. Right next to it is from Lacquerlicious. It is called Pebble Stone. This is another black based polish, with a variety of colored glitters running throughout. The last polish that I received is by Hot Chick Physics, and this one is called Grape Jelly. This is just a purple jelly polish, but it is a rich, pretty color.

The last things that I received in my package were candy, a blue glass nail file, and a Glitter Daze cuticle stick:

That's everything I received. This was so generous of her to give away such a big prize pack, and I love everything I have received. I hope you all enjoyed looking at my polish winnings and maybe it will make you want to buy some of these polishes yourself.

Well, that's it for now! Talk to you guys later!

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