Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Hebridean Sprite Beauty "Nordic Borealis" Review and Swatches

Hey guys, sorry I've been away a little bit from the blog, just wanted to give my nails a little rest from polish, and plus I was waiting to see if some of the polish I have coming to me in the mail would come, but not yet! So I pulled out an older polish I won back in March or April in a polish giveaway but has yet to try out yet.

The polish I have to show to you today is from Hebridean Sprite Beauty. I don't hear much about this brand from other bloggers, but I don't know why. At least with this polish I have right now, it's so pretty, I think they need more exposure.

The name of this color is Nordic Borealis. It is more of a grey-blue in person, but I jut couldn't capture the exact shade it is on my nails.

This first swatch is as close to real life as I could get.
This swatch shows more of the shimmery duo-holo-ish properties of this polish.

This swatch was taken with flash.

The polish went on well, but was a bit sheer, so I did three coats, four on some that were a bit too thin. Also, some bubbles appeared, but that was probably my fault, I should have waited a few more minutes between coats, but I still love this color regardless!

You can buy Hebridean Sprite Beauty polishes at  http://www.storenvy.com/stores/46817-hebridean-sprite-beauty and you can visit them at their facebook page,

Well, that's it for now guys! Talk to you later!

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