Saturday, October 12, 2013

Mandyland Polish Swatches and Review

Hey guys, I am back with another great review for you guys.

I was sent some polish from Mandyland Polish, a new indie polish brand, a few weeks ago. I swatched them just a couple days after I got them, but since they had no names, I was conversing back and fourth with the owner to figure out what to do. To compensate for the no names, and for one polish in the bunch that she, not me, thought needed to be reworked, she sent me three full size polishes. She said I didn't need to swatch and review them, but I felt it was only right, because I had not posted the review of the other polishes at that point. One of the three full size polishes she sent me was a duplicate that I already got from her in mini size, but that's alright.

So I have four mini polishes to show you, and two full size, from Mandyland Polish. She has a shop on Etsy, where she sells glitter polish, duochromes, top coats, and glow in the dark polish.

Let's get to the polishes! The mini polishes have no name, and the full size ones do.

First up, I have for you is called Rocket Man. This is the one that I received in both mini and full size, so I am showing it in the mini bottle. This is a silver-blue polish with a slight holo property to it. This swatch was taken with flash, and the only photo I took with flash.

Next up, this one had no name when I got it, but was told by Mandy from Mandyland Polish that this is called Oh! Darling, same as The Beatles' song. This is a glitter topper, with small and medium hex and square polishes, in neon pink, neon blue, light blue, and silver-white. I love this polish, I haven't seen a ton of neon glitter toppers like this.

This one also had no name when I got it, but was told this one is called Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds. This is another glitter topper, which I put over the pink polish Mandyland sent me that happened to be the glow in the dark polish, that she said to leave out. This polish is described on her Etsy page as "a combination of holo pink diamonds, purple dots (both light and dark), blue and black hexes, and some very fine glitters". I also quite like this polish, because it has so many different colored glitters.

Up next, this one has no name. I believe this polish to be a purple color shifting polish, as it went on really sheer after three coats and didn't change the color all too much, but it's still pretty in the light.

The fifth polish up that I have to show you, is called Fire and Rain. This one is a pink polish with duochrome properties. In the light, it has some blue shimmer. I really love this color so much, it's very pretty.

Finally, the last one up that I have to show you is called Satisfaction. This is a sheer bright green polish, that my camera captured a little less bright than in person. I wish I knew how to describe what type of polish this is, but I just don't know!

Mandyland Polish sells for $6-$10 on her Etsy page, and she has 56 different polishes for sale.

Well, finally, that's my Mandyland Polish post. I hope you guys enjoyed it, and I'll talk to you all later. Bye!

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