Monday, October 7, 2013

Seven and Parker Swatches and Review

Hey guys! I am back today to show you swatches from a bunch of polishes that I was sent by Seven and Parker to review.

Seven and Parker is a new-ish indie brand. They have a shop on Etsy, and they opened show on June 4th of this year. They currently have 19 polishes for sale.

I was sent a HUGE batch of polishes, 9 minis! So this took some time to swatch them all, but finally I can show you guys all of the greatness of these polishes.

Two of the polishes I swatched are with my digital camera, the 6th and 8th in the picture, and the rest with my smartphone camera, because it focuses better than my digital camera for some reason.

So let's get to the swatches. Since there are so many colors, I am not going to be too chatty between swatches if you don't mind.

First up is Pizazz. On Seven and Parker's Etsy, they describe this polish as "crelly with glitter!!! a Party you might say!!!" It has a blush creamy base with micro blue and holo glitter and small hex multicolored glitters. This is three coats, and I just love this color so much!

This one was taken with flash to show the blush base.

The next color up is La Vie en Rose. This is a rose colored holo. I did three coats for these swatches. It appears more of a darker pink on her page, I wasn't able to get it as dark.

Next up, this one is called Sally. This is a light to medium purple holo. Seven and Parker says this color can tend to pull purple and grey. This is three coats.

This one is called Deryn. This is a bright blue holo, with microfine glitter. This is three coats. I really love this color, blue holos are always fantastic!

Next, this one is called Blaylock. This is a black holo polish with a hint of blue in the light. This is three coats. In my photo, it shows a hint of grey.

This is Carter, called by Seven and Parker as a pewter pearl grey. This is a shimmy polish with micro fine holo glitter. I did three coats for this swatch. This was taken with my digital camera, so that's why my skin looks lighter here.

This is Peek A Boo, a nude-ish white holo that I saw looked a little grey as well in photos. I did three coats for the swatch.

Next up, this one is called Dream A Little. This one is different than the rest, this is a color shifting sheer white polish. I could have layered it over another color, but first I didn't know just what this one was until I saw on their Etsy page, and also I like to show what colors look like by themself. This is three coats. I also took this one with my digital camera.

Finally, the last polish I have to show you. This one is called Copper Mines. It is a holographic copper brown. This is three coats. It appears darker on her Etsy page.

Whew, that was a lot of photos! I hope you guys enjoyed the polishes I reviewed from Seven and Parker. Check out their Etsy page for all of these lovely polishes. They cost $10 each.

Well, that's all I have for you guys tonight! Talk to you guys later, bye!

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