Thursday, October 31, 2013

Wet n Wild Wet Shine Swatches

Hey guys! Today I have a big post for you with a lot of polishes.

I have a group of 13 Wet n Wild Wild Shine polishes, all that I purchased myself.

It took me a while to swatch them all, because I get tired after swatching two or three polishes, but I had six left to do tonight and I decided that I should just bust them all out and be done with them!

Finally, I have them all done to show you. Since I did a few at a time, nail lengths will be much different on a lot of the images, and picture quality is different because I used both my smartphone and my digital camera. Also, this one won't have much in terms of reviewing, since these were all done at different times.

Here are all of the swatches I have up to show you:

The first one up is Night Prowl. This is a black based polish with lots of purple flecks and glitter. I love this color, and usually I am a bright color or pastel person.

Second up, this one is called Rain Check. This color is more of a blue based grey, sorta metallic. I think it looks better in the bottle and better before taking photos. Also, it didn't apply the greatest.

Third one I have to show you is called Teal Slowly and See. The name makes absolutely no sense as this is a nice, bright blue polish. I really love this color, it's so vibrant and pretty.

Fourth one up is called Listening to Blue Reed. I love this color too, a nice middle of the road blue and so shiny!

This is the fifth one I have to show you. This polish is called Caribbean Frost. I remember that this one didn't want to photograph well, this is the best shot I got and it isn't even that great. I do love the color though.

This next one is called Frosted Fuchsia. I love this color, a nice, bright, shimmery pink that is close to a duochrome consistency without it actually being a duochrome.

Seventh up, this is Wild Card. Sorry about the super short nails, I am not liking this shot. The color is mauve, and it shimmers.

The eighth polish up that I have to show you is called Eggplant Frost. I love how this color appears shimmery and medium purple in the bottle, and just transformed in pictures.

This one is called Lavender Pearlescent. It is not at all lavender, this is actually a more metallicy, baby pink polish.

Next up, this one is called Blue Moon. I only did one coat for this one. It didn't appear this sheer until I started taking pictures of it.

This is the 11th polish. I love this one, it is called Bijou Blue. It's a metallic blue polish, more of a aqua blue.

The 12th one up is called Pom Pom Kelly. The name is just different than the others, with no color in the name like them. I did two coats, and it was so bright that it didn't photograph well.

Finally, the last one that I have to show you, is called Lavender Creme. Again, this name makes no sense, as this is a nice pink that is kinda between a baby pink and a bright pink.

I hope you guys enjoyed the swatch-a-thon of images! Wet n Wild Wild Shine nail polish retails for $0.99 each, and can be found basically anywhere you get polish, such as Walmart, Kmart, Target, CVS, Walgreens, and more.

Thanks for reading this huge post, and I hope you enjoyed yourself. Talk to you guys later, bye!


  1. They don't seem to sync up their names and colors...but always liked WnW. :) Thanks for swatch-a-thon!!!

    1. Thanks. I know, the names of their polishes a lot of times make no sense, but that's alright. They have gorgeous colors.

  2. Gorgeous colors! Love Night Prowl, Caribbean Frost, and Eggplant Frost. :)

  3. I have both blues from the pop art craze and Caribbean Frost love them.