Saturday, November 2, 2013

Wet n Wild Megalast Swatches and Review

Hey guys! I am back with another big post.

I did my big one on the Wet n Wild Wet Shine polishes, and I figured I might as well do all of my Wet n Wild polishes that I own, so now I am working on their Megalast line, all of the ones I own.

In this group, I have 9 polishes to show you, and I hope you guys will enjoy each and every one. Some colors photographed different on my camera than other bloggers have photographed them, so I'll let you know what it looks like in person.

Here is a group shot:

The first one I have up to show you is called Dark Side of the Blues. It is a shimmery, metallic deep blue. I really love this color a lot. I did three coats.

Next up, this one is called Mix It Up. This is a glitter topper filled with gold, aqua, and magenta glitters. I topped this over Dark Side of the Blues. It required several coats to get some glitter on, it all stuck to the brush.

The third polish I have to show you is called Tahitian Pearl. This one is more green in the bottle, but photographed teal. It has a subtle shimmer to it.

This next one is called Club Cabaret. This is another glitter topper, comprised of just silver and red glitters. I had the same application issues as Mix It Up.

Next up is Amethyst Rock. This is a medium purple with gold flecks throughout. I did three coats because this is a sheer polish. I love it, it is very pretty.

This one is called I Need A Refresh-Mint. This is a light green-ish blue mint creme.

Next, this one is called Tropicalia. This is a bright coral. I did two coats, so that may be why it is not as bright as it is in the bottle.

Eighth polish up, this one is called On A Trip. This is a medium purple in the bottle, but photographed with blue tones. This is three coats.

The last one I have to show you is called Break the Ice. This is a white polish with lots of shimmer. Since this is very sheer, I had to do three coats and still it appears a bit sheer.

Wet n Wild Megalast polishes retail for $1.99 each and can be found at any drugstore or such stores as Walmart, Kmart, or Target.

I hope you guys enjoyed another post of Wet n Wild polishes. I plan to do the Fast Dry polishes later this weekend, so hopefully you can look out for that.

Well, that's all. Talk to you guys later, bye!


  1. Love the WnW Megalasts, they have a lot more colors that are Dollar General exclusives. So I have many of them, tho most untried. I have three bottles of On a Trip, two of which came to me in blog sale bags or the like. Ironically is a fave and go to for me so I am happy to have so many!!! I don't have those glitters so will skip due to your application trouble. Tahitian Pearl and Break the Ice are pretty and AmethystRock too...oh also I have seen colors I have with new names at Walgreens in this line, that's a little annoying. Like the one that looks like OPI Last Friday Night has two WnW Megalaat names: Telescopic Vision and Up in the Air.

  2. I have I Need A Refresh-Mint but from what I see is they redid the formula and the one I have is bluer. I saw about the formula change over at nouveu cheap. I also have a purple that looks like that but I'm not sure on the name.