Thursday, November 14, 2013

Nail Tisane Swatches and Review

*Products Sent for Review

Hey guys! I am back to show you some lovely polishes from Nail Tisane, a small indie polish maker.

Nail Tisane is run by Danii in Richmond, Virgina. Their shop has been open for over 3 years, but are still small in terms of sales, which I think needs to change as they have so many great polishes to choose from.

I was sent four minis in the colors of my choosing to review. Let's get right to them!

The first one I hae up to show you is called "The Horseman's Head". It is described by Danii as follows:

"For such a ghoulish subject, it's such a pretty polish! Inspired by one of my new favorite television shows, this one's a milky green with grey and green glitters."

I did four coats for this swatch. The color is so sheer that four coats didn't help to make it opaque, and it appeared more of a super light yellow-green. I love the glitters in this though.

Next up, this one is my favorite one of the four I was sent. This is called "Ultros Glam". It is described by Danii as follows:

"Uwee hee hee! What have we here? A purple glitter polish in honor of everyone's favorite opera-crashing octopus!"

I did three coats. In the light, it has a bit of duochrome properties which make it look blue, but not sure if my picture shows that well though.

Third up, this one is "The Haunted What?", which comes from their collaboration with This is described as Danii's collaborator as follows:

"And then there's this. Given its subject matter, this nail polish really has no business being as nice as it is, but this glam, glittery pink stuff manages to be true to the source material and yet disturbingly quite pretty."

I did three coats. It is still sheer, but I think it looks very pretty. I love the glitters in this one too.

The last one that I have up to show you is called "Emerald City Towers". Danii describes this polish as: "A shimmering emerald green with iridescent rainbow sparkles hidden within. Perfect for the fashionable girl-about-town in the EC." I call this a teal green. I did three coats for the swatch.

Application on all was pretty perfect, no issues from me, just so long as you give it a little time between coats at least and don't rush it.

Nail Tisane has a shop on Etsy. Her prices range from $5-$12 and she has 43 different polishes for sale.

I hope you guys liked these polishes and swatches. Well, that's all I have to show you guys today. Bye!


  1. The first and 3rd look like jellies! I love love love them.

    1. They sorta are. Sorry, I am lazy to come up with my poor descriptions of polish colors that I let the polish maker professionals help me and I just use their description from their shops.