Thursday, November 7, 2013

Wet n Wild Fast Dry Swatches and Review

Hey guys, I am back today with another bunch of polishes from Wet n Wild. Today I have 8 from their Fast Dry line.

These were a lot of fun to swatch, and I can't wait to show you guys, so here is a preview of all 8:

Sorry again for the nub on the ring finger, but I don't want to have to pause everything for a week or two until it really grows back. So just bare with it until it grows back.

Okay, onto the swatches. The first one, is two swatches of a color that has the same name, but are totally different. Since they have the same name though, I'll show them under the one name. These are called Teal or No Teal. The first one, which is really more teal, I picked up long before the other one. They both are three coats. The first swatch is a more green-ish teal shimmer, and the second is a more aqua-teal shimmer.

Next up is Teal of Fortune. This one, no matter what, would only show up blue when I photographed it. In real life, this color is more of a green-ish teal with microglitters in it. This is three coats.

Third up, this one is called Hannah Pinktana. I swatched this once before, but it was done horribly so I redid it. It's a nice dusty pink polish with lots of pink microglitter. It was sheer, this is three coats.

This one is called How I Met Your Magenta. This is my favorite one of them all. It's a shimmery hot pink. This is three coats.

Next up, this one is one of their more recent ones that was released over the summer. This is called Caught On Sapphire, a glitter topper with light and medium and bright blue glitters with a slight blue shimmer base. I topped it over How I Met Your Magenta.

This next one is called Gray's Anatomy. This is a duochrome, where it has properties of grey, green, and purple. This is three coats. I love the color shift of this one.

The last one that I have to show you guys is the newest one I picked up. This is from their 2012 Holiday collection. It is called Happy Holidaze. this is a green-ish blue micro glitter polish with a sheer green-ish blue base. This is three coats.

Wet n Wild Fast Dry polishes retail for $1.99 each.

I hope you guys enjoyed the swatches and didn't mind my nub again. That's all I have to show you guys for now, so talk to you later. Bye!


  1. Totally missed my chance to get caught on sapphire. I put if back went back to get it it was gone. And I have the bluer one of the 2 with the same me.

  2. The Hannah one is really pretty...