Friday, November 15, 2013

1000 Likes Giveaway in the Works

Hey guys!

Nothing to review or show to you right now.

I am just here to let you know of what I have up my sleeve for my blog and Facebook page.

A week or two ago, I came up with the idea to have another giveaway, but have it when I hit the huge milestone of 1k likes on my Facebook page. I am currently at 741 likes, so I still have a ways to go.

Now what kind of giveaway will I do this time? It is similar to last time, but even better! If that is even possible.

I am planning to have it be sponsored completely by polish brands. This time, it is for both BIG and small indie polish brands, or just any polish brands in general, though I don't think any mainstream brands will be contacting me to join, sorry.

Now, I need something from you guys to help me out with this giveaway. Oh yes, a giveaway this glamorous can't be put together all by myself.

I would LOVE for you guys to comment or message me on my Facebook page, which you can find at the top of my blog, if you are, or you know of, an indie or other polish brand that would just LOVE to participate in this giveaway. This will help to get more fans, customers, and more for both you and me, more advertising in a sense too.

Also, I'd love one more thing from you guys. If you could share my page on Facebook to get it closer to 1k, that would be just fantastic.

I am not begging, or making anyone help me out in any way, but if you could, that would just be great!

Well, that's all I have to share with you guys right now. Bye!

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