Sunday, November 10, 2013

Sephora By OPI Swatches and Review

Hey guys. Today I am back with another bunch of polishes to show you.

This time, I have four lovely polishes from the now discontinued brand, Sephora by OPI.

Let's get right to the swatches.

The first one I have up to show you is called Violet's Just Get Married. This is a mauve purple polish with duchrome properties. This is three coats. I love this color.

Next, this one is called Merry Me. This is a red glitter filled polish. This is three coats. It was hard to photograph with all of the glitter.

The third polish I have to show you is called I'm So Sari!. This is another glitter packed polish, this time this one is teal. I did three coats. This one was also tough to photograph.

The last one I have up to show you is called Teal We Meet Again. This is a blue green polish that has the look of a duochrome but isn't. I couldn't for the life of me get it to appear teal under my light with my camera. I did get one shot with my camera in a shady spot in my room where it appears more true to color, but sorry for the dark photo.

Like I mentioned above, this line is discontinued, but you may be able to find some in your local TJMaxx.

Well, that's all I have for you guys right now, I hope you enjoyed the swatches. Talk to you guys later, bye!


  1. I especially like Sari, bottle shot is so sparkly and pretty!

  2. Does the sparkle in I'm So Sari translate into real life or does it all stay in the bottle? I know they're phasing Sephora by OPI out, I really hope to get a bottle of 212 before they disappear!