Sunday, September 1, 2013

Shimmer Polish Review

Hey guys, today I have another great review for you. Yup, these past few days have been full of reviews because I had a bunch of packages come in all at once.

This time, I was really lucky to be able to get sent two gorgeous polishes from the lovely Shimmer Polish. Their polishes are basically completely glitter packed polishes that are mainly used in nail art and as glitter toppers. For my swatches today, I wanted to show you how they looked on their own, which I love to do a lot. I love to let polishes shine on their own without adding anything to them.

The first of the two polishes I was sent is called Jasmine. As per Shimmer Polish's Etsy page, she describes this as an "Aquamarine, light blue and green Glitter Polish". I used three coats to build up the glitter and not have as much nail showing. If you are like me and love to wear glitter polish by itself, one more coat may have been great to top it off. It went on well and I had no issues.

The next one I love. This one just happens to be named Vicki, which is my name in real life! This is a special polish, as described by Shimmer Polish, " Vicki is a wonderful mother and survivor of breast cancer, this polish is made to encourage and support the fight against this disease." When this polish gets sold, donations will be made to Breast Cancer Research. The color is described by her as "Pink and Silver Glitter Polish with bars". I used three coats. I had no issues with this one just like Jasmine.

Shimmer Polish can be found on their Etsy page and also on their Facebook page. They sell for $12 each.

I hope you guys enjoyed my review! That's all I have for you guys today, bye!

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