Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Lacquer Queen Polish Review

Hey guys! I am back again today to show you some more polishes that I was sent to review from Lacquer Queen Polish. The lovely Tammi Turi creates these polishes, which range from holos, thermals, duochromes, glitters, plus nail art glitter and her own top coat!

What I have to show you from her today are three great polishes. Two thermals and one duochrome. I have never tried thermal polishes before, so the pictures are kinda rush as the thermal aspect went away quickly.

So let's get to it!

The first one up is Drops of Jupiter. The color is described by Tammi as follows:

"Saturated with gorgeous blue shimmer color for a stunning manicure! A necessity to have in your nail polish collection! Shimmering aqua blue custom made nail polish for a unique DIY manicure! Create gorgeous nail art easily in no time with Lacquer Queen Polish's blue Drops of Jupiter indie nail polish!

Drops of Jupiter indie nail polish by Lacquer Queen Polish is a shimmering aqua blue color jelly base polish. It goes on smoothly and has full opaqueness in 2 coats."

I love colors like these. While I have other polishes in my collection that look like this one, that doesn't bother me one bit and it shouldn't bother Lacquer Queen, because I still adore it so much! I applied around two to three coats, and I had no trouble with application.

Here is a swatch of Drops of Jupiter at an angle to show a little of the duochrome properties.

The next one up is the first of two thermal holos I was asked to review. This one is called Send Me An Angel. Tammi describes this polish as:

"Scattered Holo Color Changing Pink Nail Polish"
 "Creates unique DIY holographic nail polish gradient pink to purple manicures in a breeze! Color changes on your nails from pink to purple in seconds with cold!"

Tammi asked that I share this little tidbit about what happens when you apply any of her thermal holo polishes:

"A word about the thermal scattered holo polish: occasionally a bit of a dot of pigment gets on the nail when applied. I recommend quickly dabbing the bit off with the brush and the polish should self level on the nail smoothly. The pigment bit only happens with my thermals and I'm still working to perfect that".

Here is Send Me An Angel, shown how it looks regularly. I did three coats for these swatches. It applied really well.:

This are two shots taken in flash with my cell's camera. It turns out more bright pink, but you can really see the shimmer of the holo well here in these two:

 Here is a shot of the thermal aspect of this polish, from pink to purple. It was a little hard to capture, sorry that the photos are a little blurry:

The last polish, the second of the two thermals, is called My Blue Angel. This polish is described as follows on her Etsy page:

"Beautiful bright sky blue holographic nail polish color! Thermal nail polish - changes from blue to purple in temperature less than 72 degrees! Creates sparkly holographic nail polish gradient blue to purple manicures in a breeze!"

I applied five coats because it was a little sheer and needed that many to not show visible nail line. The first shot is without flash. It looks more light blue.

Here are a few shots in flash. The color appears more greyish-blue.

In cold water, it changes to a dark purple. It was tough getting the purple color to stay long enough to photograph, so this was the best shot I got:

 Hopefully you can see at the nail line, that it turns to a dark purple.

With each sale of one of her thermal holo polishes from her Etsy page, $1 is donated to the American Diabetes Association. Her polishes sell from $10.95 to $13.95 and you can buy batches of glitter from $14.95 to $33.95.

Well, I hope you guys enjoyed my review! That's all for today, talk to you guys later! Bye!