Thursday, September 12, 2013

Sick Lacquers Review and Swatches

Hey guys, today I am back with another review for you all. This time, I have five lovely polishes from Peggie over at Sick Lacquers. She has over 10 pages of nail polish for sale in her Etsy shop, so the little lady is pretty busy having fun making nail polish. Her polish ranges from basics, to holos, to glitters and glitter toppers.

The five I have for you today are creme/jelly glitters and glitter toppers.

The first up that I have to show you is called When The Ball Drops. This is a semi-glitter topper. When I say that, I mean it has a holo base, but it's not ich and full so when you apply it, you can totally still see nail. It also has gold, silver, and holo glitters. I used three coats alone just to see how the base appeared, but I think this one is best over another color.

Next up, this one is called Spearmint. Peggie describes this polish as follows:

"Spearmint is a beautiful crelly light green colored nail polish. This has tons of different shades of green hex glitter throughout. Also has small white hex glitter."

I applied three coats for the swatch. I had no problems with application. I love the color, such a nice bright green. My swatch may be off slightly with the green, but not by much.

The third polish I have up to show you is called The Telltale Heart. It is described as follows on Sick Lacquer's Etsy page:

"The Telltale Heart has deep purple matte heart glitter, micro fine purple & gold glitter, gold & purple hex glitter & deep purple matte diamond shaped glitter throughout"

I didn't know this polish has any heart glitters until I saw them in the listing. I wasn't able to get any hearts in my swatch. My swatch is two coats of The Telltale Heart over two coats of Sparitual Lucid. I had no problems with application. Sorry if the swatch is a little messy, I am using a new way to clean up my manis because I had problems with my old method, and I am not used to it yet.

Next up is my favorite of the five I was sent. This one is called Wunderlust. It is a blue crelly polish with medium and small white glitter and small blue glitter. I applied three coats for this swatch. I just love this color, it's so pretty and light.

Last up to show you, this one is called Grape Juice. Peggie describes Grape Juice on her Etsy as follows:

"Grape Juice is a beautiful crelly dark purple colored nail polish. This has tons of neon & regular colored glitter. Many different colors, shapes & sizes of hex glitter!!"

I applied three coats for the swatch. This swatch, along with Spearmint, were taken with my digital camera. I had no problems with application at all.

I hope you guys loved the polishes. Sick Lacquers can be purchased on Peggie's Etsy page. Her polishes range from $2.50-$8.00 for single bottles, and $11-$42 for bundles or sets. 

Well, that's all I have for you guys right now. Talk to you guys later, bye!

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