Saturday, September 21, 2013

Sally Hansen Sugar Coat Review and Swatches

Hey guys, today I am back with another post. Swatching this time. Finally, right?

I am gonna show you a few Sally Hansen Sugar Coat colors that my mom picked up at Ross for me the other day. She only paid $1.99 each!

I swatched them all at once, used one color for most nails and the other for an accent nail.

The two colors I have to show you are Razzleberry and Bubble Plum.

I decided to use Razzleberry for all nails except for middle, and to use Bubble Plum for an accent on my middle finger.

The texture comes out great, and it is dark enough that I only needed two coats for both colors. I really love texture polishes, so this is great!

These two are taken in flash:

These two are taken without flash:

Sally Hansen Sugar Coats can be found all over, at Walmart, CVS, Ross, probably more stores. THey retail for around $6 and sometimes $7 in some stores. They come in over 10 colors!

Well, that's all I have to show you now, I hope you enjoyed the swatches! Talk to you guys later, bye!