Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Pound of Glitter Swatches and Review

Hey guys. Today I have a review that I wanted to get out last night from Pound of Glitter. Since I take the photos on my phone since my digital camera is super unpredictable, I had to send them to my email to upload on my computer, but my phone overheated and was sluggish so I turned it off for the night. Now it is good again, and I have all of the lovely swatches for you guys to feast your eyes on.

Pound of Glitter is owned by Lana Rose who resides in Texas. Most of the polishes in her shop are glitter filled or holographic, but she also has a couple colors without the fuss, and she also makes and sells necklaces and pendants using nail polish, which are so pretty.

She sent me four polishes to review, which make up her complete fall collection, which she calls "Falling Behind".

The first one that I have up to show you is called Get A Rake. This is a very fall polish, and looks just like the name suggests, a bunch of leaves in fall colors. It is comprised of a golden bronze shimmer base, and brown, red, green, yellow, and holo glitters. This was easy to apply, no glitter had to be fished out. One glitter in my shot does appear purple, but I believe that is either the yellow or holo glitter and it just got caught in the light.

Next up, this one is called Branching Out. This one had a quite sheer base, but it has a base other than clear so for me that meant I didn't need any polish under it. I love to show a polish just as it is as much as I can. This polish has a golden brown shimmery base with green and sliver hex glitters and micro sliver glitter. I applied three coats.

This next one has a great name, it's called Fall-a-Me to Mardi Gras. This was the only polish of the collection that had a clear base, so I swatched this one over a mini Essie polish, called Size Matters, which is a deep red. I applied a couple coats of that and then I applied two coats of Branching Out because one coat didn't have enough glitter for my taste.

The last one in this collection is my favorite of the bunch, and I bet you can tell why. It's called Mostly Ghostly. This one is a blue holo polish with blue and holo hex glitters and holo bar glitters. I applied three coats.

I hope you guys love the swatches. Pound of Glitter can be purchased on their Etsy page and they currently have 11 polishes and 18 nail polish pendants for sale. Polishes range between $5-$12 each and pendants cost $8 each.

Well, that's all I have for you guys today. Talk to you guys later, bye!


  1. Ooooh, Mostly Ghostly hits me in all the soft spots! It's a stunner! Lovely swatches Vicky!

  2. Mostly ghostly is my fav as well!