Thursday, September 12, 2013

Ruby White Tips Breaking Bad Collection: Part 2

Hey guys. Remember I did a part one of the Ruby White Tips Breaking Bad Collection and said I had a few more to show you?

Well, today is the day that I can show you guys the other two of the collection I was sent to review!

The fourth polish, which is the first of the two left that I have to show you, is called Cleptomaniac. This is a shimmery duochrome that goes from purple to dark blue. It applied well, and I did three coats. My camera is bad at photographing dupchromes, so I couldn't get the color change.

The fifth, and second one to show you today, is called Say My Name. I believe that this one is a light blue holo polish. My camera also hates holos, but I think you can tell a bit in both photos some of the holo shimmer. I applied three coats, and had no trouble with application. First show it without flash, and the second is with flash.

I hope you guys enjoyed the last of the Breaking Bad polishes that I had to show you. That's all I have right now, talk to you guys later. Bye!