Saturday, April 5, 2014

Sephora by OPI and Ciate Mini Swatches and Review

*Products Purchased By Me

Hey guys! Finally I am back with another great post. Sorry I have been away. I wasn't feeling posting on my days off on Wednesday and Thursday, and then on Friday I worked a full 8 hours, and then today I worked 6 1/2 hours. 

I managed to get in a couple of swatches tonight though. I felt like I owed you guys something as it has been a while.

Today I am showing you two polishes that I picked up last weekend on my trip to the mall with my mom. One that I found at good 'ole TJMaxx, and one at everyone's favorite place to shop, Sephora.

The first one of the two that I have up to show you is from Sephora by OPI. This is called I'm Wired. It is a nice, bright coral polish.

I did one to two coats, meaning some nails I was able to get enough polish to cover it great with one coat, and some nails I had to do two coats. I saw if you are heavy handed, one coat will do great.  The formula is a little weird, it shows lines in application a little bit, but it's not that bad.

The second polish that I have to show you is a Ciate mini polish, called Risky Business. No, this is not related to the movie or Tom Cruise, sorry girls! This is a shifter polish that has a blue-purple shift with dark blue glitters of small and medium sizes.

I did around two coats over I'm Wicked for this swatch. The base is a little sheer, so I used another coat just to get a bit more shimmer. Application was great, I love this polish. Probably would look great over white or black, or even by itself in three or four coats.

I recommend both of these polishes. If you haven't tried these brands before, but I am sure you have, you need to go out right away and get some!

Sephora by OPI polishes are no longer sold at Sephora, but you can find them in TJMaxx and Ross for around $3 a bottle. They may be sold in other stores and online, but those two are the ones I am sure of. Ciate mini polishes are sold at Sephora for around $8. Pricey, sure, but I think it is totally worth it and I don't know where else you can even get Ciate polishes in singles.

Well, I hope you guys enjoyed this post. That's all I have for you guys right now. I'll talk to you all later, bye!

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