Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Color Club Mini Swatches and Review, Part 2

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Hey guys! I am back today with the continuation of the Color Club mini swatches that I planned on showing you guys yesterday. 

As you know, yesterday my camera died after only swatching two of the four polishes I wanted to show you all.

I charged my camera all night, and today it was all charged up and ready to take pics again. I went ahead and finished up all of the swatches I wanted to show you all.

Today I have three pretty polishes to show you all, and I think you will love them.

The first one that I have up to show you has again no name, and none of the polishes I show you today will have any name as far as I know. This one is a nice, bright coral cream.

I did two coats by itself. I love this color, it's so bright and pretty. I think this is a great color to put a 
shifting topcoat over, or even a nice chunky glitter.

The next color I have to show you is a nice lilac. I never know the difference between lilac and lavender, but I believe this one is a lilac, it is a nice light lilac cream.

I did around three coats. Sorry about my middle finger, I constantly, 24/7 have hangnail problems and this one was bad. This is such a great color, reminds me of that one lilac in the Rimmel 60 Seconds line.

The last color that I have up to show you is a nice metallic gold. When you look at it in the light, it looks like it also has super subtle, very micro holo glitter, but it could just be my eyes.

I did two coats. Sorry about the pointer finger, it was messed up so I had to redo it and then when I swatched the photo, it wasn't 100% dry. I love this gold, it is so bright.

Application was great on all three of these. Metallics act as metallics do, but with two or more coats it evens out and looks just fine.

Well, that's all I have to share with you guys today, I hope you enjoyed. I'll talk to you all later, bye!

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