Wednesday, January 1, 2014

LA Colors Swatches and Review, Part 2 (100th Post!)

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Hey guys! Happy New Years! I hope you are having a good one, and not going too wild. 

I would love to announce to everyone that this post marks the 100th post on my blog! This is a big accomplishment, so I am really excited to have stuck with my blog this long! I hope I make it to the 200 mark even faster.

Today I have the second part of the LA Colors polishes to show you. This time I have seven from their Color Craze line, and all are glitters.

Here is a group shot of these seven. Sorry for the weird collage, but you can't really find a good collage using only 7 images.

Let's get to the swatches! I decided this time around to NOT layer any of these over another polish. I wanted these all to shine on their own. I know some work alone, some are OK, and some could have used a base color, but I just wanted you to see the color as is.

First off, I have Broken Hearted. This is a medium pink jelly with flakie and micro holo glitters. I did three coats, but maybe four to make it more opaque.

Next up, this one is called Tinsel. It is a light pink jelly with circle and micro glitters. It appears like it would have more of a base coat in the bottle, but goes on so sheer. I did three coats, but it didn't help. I don't think even another couple coats would have helped. This one belongs on top of another color, maybe a bright pink or blue. You might be able to faintly see the tiniest bit of a base color to this, but there isn't much.

This next one is called Star Light. This is a silver and holo glitter topper. This probably works best over a base color, but I wanted to see if I could build up the glitter enough for it to cover my entire nails. This is three coats.

This next one is my favorite of the seven in this batch. It is called Aqua Crystals. This is a bright aqua glitter polish. It is one of those glitters that are gritty, that is almost texture but not really, and that is super packed and able to build up nicely on its own. This is three coats.

Fifth up, this one is called Treasure Island. This is a turquoise/teal glitter polish. I thought this one was going to be just like Aqua Glitters, but I was wrong. It is packed with glitter, but has a clear base coat and is not gritty, and the glitter isn't packed. This is still very pretty though! I believe I did four coats.

Next, this one is called Flurry. This is a light blue glitter jelly with circle and micro glitters. I believe this is three coats. This could be great over another color, maybe white or pink, but maybe with a couple more coats it could work on its own, but then again, I understand most people don't want to do five coats.

The last polish that I have up to show you, is something I have shown you before, but the swatch back then was so horrible, I redid it. It is called Jewel Tone. This polish is made up of purple, dark pink, and blue micro glitters. I did three coats. Another polish that would be good over another color, but maybe with another coat or two you could make the glitter appear packed enough that it could work on its own.

Well, that is the end of my LA Colors Swatches. I hope you enjoyed looking at the swatches! And thanks for viewing and sticking with me for 100 posts! I am so excited!

I'll talk to you guys later, bye!

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  1. Flurry is part of my collection of dupes (including OPI Last Friday Night, Sinful Colors Hottie, Wet n Wild Megalast Telescopic Vision, there's also a Wet n Wild fastdry version Bling It On!, Confetti Party Palace Blue, and Spoiled My Saturn Broke Down...there's probably more). I don't know why, but I am fascinated by that particular color/finish...