Friday, January 24, 2014

Milani Neon: Pink Rocks

*One Purchased By Me and One Gifted

Hey guys! Today I have a new polish to show you that I just picked up, another by Milani.

This one is from Milani's Neon line. It is called Pink Rocks. This is just what it says, it is a super neon, bright pink polish. It was so hard to photograph, either my camera is starting to not want to photograph for me anymore, or it is because it is bright. I know bright polish is hard to photograph, but this time it was worse. This is the best shot I got. I did three coats.

I have another swatch I wanted to surprise you guys with. I have another Milani polish to show you, it's gorgeous! It is called Twinkle, and it is a dark blue, dark purple, and medium purple fine glitter topper. I took this swatch a while ago, so that's why my ring nail is shorter. I did one coat over Milani Cool Vibe. I love this color.

Well, I hope you guys enjoyed my post, and continue to enter my big indie giveaway if you haven't already!

I'll talk to you guys later, bye!

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