Thursday, December 26, 2013

LA Colors Review and Swatches, Part 1

*Purchased by Me or Gifted to Me

Hey guys. Sorry it has been so long since I posted, but because of the holidays I have been a little busy. I graduated college on Dec. 21st, and then my mom and dad took me out to eat afterwards. Then on the 24th, my mom, dad, and I went downtown to see the city lights and tree and wreath displays, and then yesterday of course was Christmas and we opened gifts and then my mom and I went out to pick up Christmas lunch at this healthy Chinese food place. So I have been a little busy.

I have been swatching a bit in the meantime, but probably not as fast as other bloggers could do. I was going to plan on having just one HUGE post for you all with all of my LA Colors polishes in it, but it doesn't seem like it is going to happen. One of my nils broke today, and while clipping and filing it wasn't evening out and just got smaller and smaller so I had to file and clip the rest of my nails down. I figured I'd have to wait a day for my nails to be okay again to start painting, so I thought I'd just show you guys all that I currently have swatched. Also, since the next post my nail lengths will be different and it's better to have the nail lengths be similar.

Okay, so now onto the polish. Here is a preview of all of the colors I have so far swatched. One or two polishes may not have names, so if you know the name of them, let me know. LA Colors polishes are more expensive here in Hawaii, so they have to remove the barcodes on the bottles which have the names. Okay, here they are:

The first one I have up to show you is an older swatch, ones of my first successful ones, of Blue Paradise. This is a light blue that flashes a coppery light purple in the light. I can't remember the number of coats I did, but I know this is a sheer polish. I really love this color.

Next up is another older swatch, of Pink Sizzle. This is a dark purple that has coppery tones. I think this one is more opaque than Blue Paradise. I love this color, it's so gorgeous and has dimension.

Next, this one is another older swatch. The color is called Sky Blue Glitter, a grey toned blue with glitter flecks. This is quite sheer as you can tell by the swatch, but the color is very pretty.

This is the last swatch that is older. This is Confetti over a plain white Wet n Wild mini polish. The polish is a glitter topper that is filled with silver, blue, red, copper/orange, and micro silver flecks. This was done for the 4th of July. It is very festive!

Okay, onto the new swatches! This one, I have no idea of the name, so if you do, please let me know. Maybe if you can find a swatch online of the color you feel this is, post it in the comments! I love this color, it has a lot of dimension and is just about a duochrome. You can see it is a medium bright purple it flash light purple in the light. I believe this required two to three coats.

This one is another favorite of mine, but you can tell I have a bunch of favorites. I really love this, it is called Caribbean Pink. This is a light, sheer baby pink that shimmers in the light. I did three coats.

Seventh, this one is called Blue Velvet. This is a deep shimmery blue polish. I did around two coats for this swatch. Oh yeah, so far, application has been great for all polishes!

Next, this is called Metallic Pink. This one is a metallic, foil like dark pink. I did around two coats for this swatch.

This one is called Paradise Pink, and this is from their Color Craze line. It is a bright shimmery pink. I did around three coats for this swatch. Application was great!

This one is a glitter topper, called Sassy Sparkle. It is a white and holographic glitter topper. It was hard to photograph, I realize you can hardly see the glitter, I apologize for that.

11th up, this one is called Sea Siren. This is a teal blue polish. I used two coats for the swatch. It is always really hard for my camera to capture teal polishes, so this is the best shot that I got. It is more green in real life.

 The last one I have to show you this round is called Dizzy. This is a gold glitter topper, and just one coat did the trick. Glitter makes my camera freak out, so this was the best swatch I got.

All of the polishes went on wonderfully! I really recommend that you all start your own LA Colors collection, you won't be disappointed. With a price tag of $1-$1.69, where is there to go wrong?

Well, I hope you guys enjoyed the swatches. I will be back soon with part two for you guys later next week! Talk to you guys later, bye!

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