Saturday, December 7, 2013

China Glaze Swatches and Review

Hey guys! If you have been following my Facebook page, I said I was gonna get up the China Glaze Holiglaze polishes I won up this weekend along with all of the China Glaze polishes I already owned.

I decided that I'd rather just do the ones I already owned in a separate post. I only owned three before I won the set so this post won't be long.

Let's just get right to the swatches.

The first one I have up to show you is called Shocking Pink (Neon). This is a neon pink that is kinda matte, just like the name suggests. I did two coats for this. I really love this color, it's so pretty, but I am very partial to hot pink polishes anyways.

Next up, this one is called Sexy in the City. This one was so hard to photograph, it just wouldn't photograph right for me, but my camera is wonky so it could have been my camera. Of course, my skin is not pale, and the color is more an aqua/turquoise duochrome, but this is the best shot I got. This is around two coats.

The last one that I have up to show you is called Watermelon Rind. This is a dark shimmery teal color that is just about green. I did three coats for this, as it is quite sheer and applies with some pull so three coats are totally needed.

I hope you guys enjoyed my swatches. China Glaze can be found everywhere, from beauty stores like Sally Beauty and ULTA Beauty to salons, and usually they can cost around $9.

Check back tomorrow when I will have all of the Holiglaze polishes up on my blog. For now, this is all I have to show you. Talk to you guys later, bye!

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