Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Rimmel 60 Seconds Swatches and Review

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Hey guys! I am back with that big Rimmel 60 Seconds post I promised you guys on my page. 

I have a total of nine polishes to show you that I think you guys will just love!

Just to mention about the coats, I am just terrible, but I never can remember how many coats I put on each nail, but some of these can be one coaters if you are heavy handed, but for others, I needed three coats I believe. I'll note the ones that are quite sheer and need multiple coats.

So let's get to the swatches, yes? I won't do much chatting since this will be 9 images, so it will be short. Here is a group shot of them all.

The first one I have to show you is called Blue Eyed Girl. This is a gorgeous dark blue creme. This one is quite opaque, so one coat is pretty good for this one.

The next one up is called Blue My Mind. This is a nice, bright aqua blue creme color. This one is opaque in one to two coats depending on how heavy handed you are. I love these kinds of blues.

Third one I have to show you is called I Lilac You. I swatched this one earlier, maybe a month or more ago, so that's why my nails look different in this one. Can't remember how many coats I did for this one, but I believe it is sheer. This is a light purple creme that is on the blue side.

Fourth up, this is called Sweet Lavender. This a light purple creme that to me has some brown tones to it. This is sheer, so three coats are needed. I love purples like this!

Next up, this one I believe is no longer in the 60 Seconds line. This is an older bottle that I kept because it is still good, and I love bright coral oranges. This one has shimmer as well. This is around two coats.

The next one up is called Pink-A-Boo. Isn't that such a cute name? This one is a night, bright, medium pink creme. This only needed a couple coats, it is pretty opaque.

Seventh one up, this one is called Cupcake Pink. This one is similar to Wet n Wild's Lavender Pearlescent, but a little more on the peach side. This is a light coral-y metallicish/shimmery pink. I did around three coats, this goes on sheer. Oh, sorry about the index nail, there is some cracking because my nail is peeling, yick!

The eighth one up, this is my favorite of the bunch. This is called Pulsating. This is a shimmery, almost duochrome dark pink, almost purple color. I did a couple coats for this swatch. It wouldn't photograph well though, as it was bright and my camera freaks out on anything bright.

The last one of the bunch that I have to show you is called Magic Stardust. This is a silver and blue glitter topcoat. I topped this over Cupcake Pink, just one coat. What looks like bubbles in the swatch is the light silver glitter that didn't want to show up.

Well, that's all of it! I hope you guys loved my Rimmel 60 Seconds post. I love these polishes, they come in cute bottles, apply well, and have pretty colors! You can buy these at Walmart for less than $2. Not sure where else these are sold, I believe where I am they sell the other Rimmel polishes everywhere, but this line I have only seen in Walmart.

That's it! I am done for today, I hope you enjoyed, and I'll talk to you guys later! Bye!

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