Sunday, December 8, 2013

China Glaze Happy Holiglaze Collection

 *Products Won In Giveaway

Hey guys! I am back, finally being able to show you guys this collection that I swatched.

A few weeks ago, I was one of the lucky winners on The Polish Hideout's blog of the 12-piece plus special topper collection from China Glaze called their Happy Holiglaze Collection. This was one of the hugest giveaways that I have ever won, so this made me so excited that I really wanted to swatch all of these beauties for you guys.o t

This 12 piece collection features gritty glitters, glitter toppers, shimmers, and one texture, plus the lovely topper that shifts colors.

Let's get right to the swatches.

This first one is the special shimmer duo topper that they added as a bonus, called Travel in Colour. This is a pearlescent topper that adds shimmer and a bit of duoness. I did one coat over China Glaze Shocking Pink (Neon).

The next color up is the only texture in the entire collection, called There's Snow One Like You. This is a white texture with chunky circle glitter. I just love this one a lot! I did two coats.

Next up, this one is called Elfin' Around. This is a burnt redish-orange with shimmer. This is two coats.

This one is called Just Be-Claws. It is a super rich shimmery red polish. I did two coats for this swatch.

Here is another red polish, called Santa Red My List. This one is another shimmer, and falls between Elfin' Around and Just Be-Claws.  This is around two coats. So far, all polishes have applied well.

Next up, this one is called Put A Bow On It. It is a gritty purple glitter, that almost has the consistency of OPI Liquid Sand polishes, which I love. I did two coats.

This next one is called Be Merry, Be Bright. It is a glitter topper filled with bright pink and dark purple glitter. This is three coats by itself to really show the color.

This next one is one of my favorites, because I just love colors like this. It is called So Blue Without You, around two coats. This is a shimmery bright blue. This was around one coat.

The ninth polish that I have up to show you is called All Wrapped Up. This one is another gritty purple glitter, but this one is a dark purple. This is two coats. I really love it.

This next one is called Mingle With Kringle. This is a bright gold polish. I know the ring finger looks like I missed a spot, but it's just the way it photographed. This is around two coats.

11th up, this one is called Bells Will Be Blinging. This is a teal holographic glitter topper, filled wth micro glitter and bar glitter. I topped this one over China Glaze Shocking Pink (Neon). It was a little hard to photograph, this is the best shot I got. I did one coat.

The 12th polish I have to show you is called Your Present Required. This is glitter topper filled with white, lilac, gold, and blue glitters. I did three coats by itself.

The last polish that I have up to show you is called This Is Tree-Mendous. This is another gritty glitter polish, but not as gritty as the other two. This one is an olive/military green.  I did two coats for this swatch. Not my favorite of the bunch as I am not a green fan, but nice none the less.

Well, that's the entire China Glaze Holiglaze Collection. I hope you enjoyed the swatches! I will talk to you guys later on my next post. Bye!

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