Sunday, July 21, 2013

Fabulous TJMaxx and Walgreens Haul

While I didn't get an ENORMOUS amount of nail polish today, I did get a decent amount and it is all great quality and some I've been wanting in a really long time. Today at TJMaxx, when I went with my mom, I guess they had a new shipment of nail polish in, because they had a TON of Barielle Shades sets for $7.99. I've been wanting Barielle polish for such a long time, and a recent lemming of theirs, I was able to find it in one of the sets!

The set that I picked up is called Moody Blues. It is a great collection of five different blue and grey polishes. The polishes that came in this set are: Swizzle Stix, U-Concrete-Me, Out-Grey-Geous, Falling Star, and Snow Day. Falling Star was a lemming of mine that I recent wanted, and now that I have it, I am so excited! These are my first Barielle polishes, and I am really happy!

Next, I went to Walgreens with my mom and picked up some more polishes. They had a sale going on there where you could get two Sinful Colors polishes for $3 with your Balance Rewards card, and also by using your card, you get 1,000 points! I just had to take advantage of it, so I picked up You Just Wait and Superstar. Then I saw they had a new Wet n Wild Wild Shine display, and I saw this gorgeous light blue that I just had to have. They weren't really on sale, it cost me $0.99, but I got it anyways as it's always so cheap! It's called Teal Slowly and See. The name to me doesn't make sense as the color is by no means a teal polish, but that's alright!

You guys better check at your local TJMaxx and Walgreens to see if yours has these awesome polishes and deals going on, because the Sinful Colors deal may not last long, and who knows how long the Barielle polishes will stick around at TJ's.

Well, that's it for now, talk to you guys later!

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