Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Amazon Haul

Hey everyone, sorry that it's been a little while since I posted, I did a couple guest posts and then I was waiting for nail mail to make a blog post, but now that I got my nail mail, I can post about it!

Last week I went polish shopping on Amazon as I had a lot on my gift card balance, and bought some polishes from some online and indie nail polish makers that I've had my eyes on!

As you can see, I picked up three polishes. From top to bottom, they are KBShimmer Shattered Heart, Glitter Gal Blue Suede Shoes, and Nubar Night Sparkle. This image is just a snippet of each.

Here are the full bottle shots of each. Now, for each polish, it may be difficult to see in the images, so I'll describe the colors. KBShimmer Shattered Heart is a neon pink polish that is filled with a variety of black glitters, ranging from small circles, to hexes, to bars, and to hearts. Glitter Gal Blue Suede Shoes is a light grey-toned blue holo polish. I am really excited to have this polish because I have really wanted Glitter Gal polish, and I have really wanted holo polish, and these are my first of each! The last one, Nubar Night Sparkle, is a very dark blue polish with shimmer thoughout. 

I am very excited to have these, and hope these won't be my last from these brands, and for indie brands in general!

Well, hope you guys enjoyed my haul (thanks to the Photo Grid app for my collage photos). If you guys have any hauls you'd love to show me, post links in my comments. I love a good haul! 

Talk to you guys later, bye!

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