Monday, May 13, 2013

Wet n Wild Color Craze Mini Collection in Blue/Teal

Here are the swatches for the Wet n Wild Color Craze Mini Collection I posted about yesterday and a couple days ago on here and on my Facebook.

Since on the box it says that you can create an ombre look with this collection, I figured I'd paint one color on each nail, in the order they were packaged in the box. Doesn't come out to an ombre look on my nails, but each color is still really pretty. The one one my pointer, a teal glitter, could have been better over another color, but I just wanted to use the colors of the collection and nothing else.

Here are some more swatches:

I think this is a great picture to show four of the colors minus the one on my thumb.

Not the best picture to show the color, since all of these photos were taken on my phone (lately my camera hasn't wanted to take good pictures), but it shows the color somewhat at least and some sparkle.

I hope this convinces some people to go out and get this collection, because I love all of these colors so much and they all went on so well and cleaned up nicely.

Talk to you guys later!

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