Friday, May 10, 2013

Today my mom and I dropped by Walgreens because I heard from Nouveau Cheap that they had a bunch of their nail polish on sale. While a lot was already sold, I still got four of them in some of my favorite colors.

The first one on the left is by Miliani. It's called Teal. It's a dark blue polish with bright teal and silver glitters. This is part of their Jewel FX collection. This is my first Miliani polish ever and I am so excited! This cost me only $3.29.

The next polish is Fergie by Wet and Wild. It's called Dutchess. This is a medium/dark blue polish with purple glitter throughout. This is also my first Fergie by Wet and Wild polish. This one cost me $2.49.

The next two are from Sally Hansen's Gen Crush collection. The first one is called Showgirl Chic. This is a silver glitter with micro blue and teal glitter throughout. This is similar to ones by Rimmel and Sally Hansen Hard as Nails. The next one is called Bling-tastic. This is a light metallic blue polish with silver glitter throughout. For the two of these, I paid around $7. I got around $3 off for each one.

They had some good deals going on at Walgreens today, and I bet if you go tomorrow, you can still find some decent ones and some decent colors left.

That's all for today, talk to you all later.

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