Thursday, May 16, 2013

Mini Haul from Don Quijote and Kmart

Yesterday my mom and I dropped by Don Quijote, a local store that tends towards the Japanese tourists, because they had some good food and beauty sales.

They were having 40% off of all of their Wet N' Wild makeup, and they were also one of the few places to sell Jessie's Girl cosmetics.

I didn't buy too much yesterday, I need to cut back on my buying, but I got one polish each from Jessie's Girl and Wet n Wild. Along side it is the one polish I picked up from Kmart on Sunday.

I've seen Jessie's Girl Nail polish in our local Longs Drugs (pretty much CVS) outside the package, but in this store they sold them in packages. I haven't bought their nail polish before because the colors I usually come across are just your typical, nothing special colors, but when I saw this one, I had to have it. It is pretty much a turquoise/teal duochrome. The name of this is Glee. This only cost me $2.99

 The Wet n Wild polish was another one I haven't seen before. I pretty much don't buy much of their polish anymore because I have all of the colors they sell around here that interest me, but I hadn't seen this one before. And it was at a fantastic price. It was 40% off like I said, so it only cost me $0.59. Fantastic deal! The name of this one is Bijou Blue. It's a bright sky/medium blue metallic polish.

This Sally Hansen Hard As Nails polish is a different color for me. Usually you see blues and turquoises and bright pink colors on my nails, but for some reason this one was calling my name. I think it was on sale at Kmart, but not sure. I believe it only cost $2.29, so not sure if that's a deal or not, but I felt like I had to have it. It's a baby pink polish with super micro glitter/shimmer throughout.

Well, that's all for my haul post for today! Talk to you all later!

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