Monday, September 1, 2014

Maybelline Color Show Swatches and Review

*Products either bought by me or swapped for

Hey guys! Sorry it has been a while since I made a post. I have been working until around 6 or 7 at night lately, and my swatches come out best during the daylight, so I wasn't able to do a lot of swatching.

I was finally able to finish the last two swatches today so that I was able to get this post up for you guys.

Today I have 10 lovely Maybelline Color Show polishes to show you guys. These polishes are fantastic, and I love every single one!

Here is a collage of all of the beauties together.

The first one that I have up to show you guys is called Blue Marks the Spot, from their Polka Dots line. This is dusty blue jelly polish filled with micro white and black glitter, small black glitter, and large black and white hex glitter. This is three coats by itself. Application was great! This is super sheer, so if you are one of those who gets major anxiety from seeing visible nail, you can use a blue polish underneath.

Next up, this one is called Drops of Jade, also from their Polka Dots line. This is a minty green jelly polish filled with the same glitter that the above one is. I did around three coats. This one, the base is more substantial, so there is less visible nail line. Application was great.

Third up, this one is called Coral Crush. This one is your typical coral colored cream polish. I did around three coats. Application was great. As you may relate to, this bright color was hard to photograph, so this was the best snap. I love this color, but I always love a nice coral.

Fourth, this one is called Iced Queen. This is a nice grey-toned lilac polish. I can't remember if I did two or three coats on this one, I believe it was two coats. Application was great. My camera hates purple polishes with a passion, so this sadly was the best shot I was able to get.

This next one is a personal favorite of mine. I believe this one I took with my smartphone. This is called Styled Out, from their Denims line (or duo, I believe). It is a metallic-y silvery dark blue. I did around three coats. Application was a breeze. I wore this one for a full manicure after the swatch, and it wears pretty good, for someone with weak nails like me.

Another one that I loved is this one, from their Holographic (or what I wish they would rename their duochrome), line. This is Lavender Lustre. This is a silver-y lavender metallicy-y duochome. I did around three coats for this one. Application was fantastic, again. This is such a fun, unique color.

Seventh, this one is called Diamond in the Rough. This is one that I have shown you before, but wanted to try swatching it again, as last time it didn't work out. This is a flakie shifter topper. I did around one coat over Rimmel 60 Seconds Do Not Disturb. Application was great. The base is kinda a yellow-y clear, so that's why the teal of the Rimmel polish looks a little yellowish.

Next, this one is Gilded Rose. This is a dusty rose gold glitter polish. It is filled with small and large rose gold glitters, and a sheer rose gold base. This one can be worn alone or over another color. I did three coats by itself to see how well it was able to build up. Application was great.

Ninth, this one is from their new Veil line. This is called Teal Beam. This one is a minty-teal glitter topper. with some silvery white glitter throughout. It goes on the nail with very little shine. I did three coats by itself just to see how well it could build up. Application was great and wear time was great, wore it to the mall as I was unable to swatch after I painted my nails as my camera died. Because of that, this was taken with my smartphone.

Last up, this one is called Crystal Disguise, also from their Veils line. This is a frosty white-blue shifter topper. I wanted to see if it could build up again, because you know me, so I did three coats by itself. Application is fantastic, glides on so smoothly. This is best over another color, it didn't build up like I wanted. Camera was still dead, so this was also taken with my smartphone, so sorry for the lack of quality.

Maybelline Color Show polishes can be purchased in basically any drugstore, grocery, or superstore (like Walmart, Target, Kmart, etc.). These retail for between $3-$5, depending on the area and what store you choose to shop at.

I hope you guys enjoyed my post and aren't too mad it took me a while to complete it. I hope it was worth it though, I feel it was!

Well, that's all I have for you guys right now. I'll talk to you all later, bye!

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