Monday, September 15, 2014

AE Nail Color Swatches and Review

*Purchased By Moi

Hey guys! How are you all today? Sorry for not posting a while again. I have not been feeling into painting my nails, and then one nail, not on my swatch hand, my cat snagged in the corner of the nail and it bled so it made me not want to do nails for a little bit.

Decided to get up off my butt and swatch something yesterday.

What I have for you guys is a couple of polishes that you may not have ever seen before. These come from everyone's favorite store (okay, maybe not everyone, but I love them), American Eagle Outfitters. They have their own polish line, and the last couple of times I went to the mall, they had their polishes on clearance to $1.99 from $7.95. Most of the colors didn't speak to me, but two beauties caught my eyes, and I am here today to show you my finds!

Before I get started, here is a preview of the polishes.

The first of the two that i have up to show you is called Shining Sea. This is a very gritty turquoise glitter polish. It is almost like a texture in my opinion, but I can't say for sure. I did two coats by itself. Application was fantastic. I love this polish, it is so pretty and unique.

Second of the two, this one is called Mezmerizing Midnight. This is a super dark navy polish that shifts medium blue in the light. It also can appear a super dark purple depending on the light. I did two coats by itself. Application was fantastic! This is a color I think everyone needs to have in their collection.

These polishes are available at American Eagle Outfitters stores, and maybe their factory stores. They are not up on their website as of the last time I checked. Hurry now if you like them, they may still be on sale for $1.99 each, if they are still there even.

I hope you guys enjoyed my post. I'll talk to you all later, bye!

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