Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Urban Outfitters' Baby Boy

*Purchased By Me

Hey guys! I am back today with a polish I purchased on my recent trip to Las Vegas.

This is a polish from the store Urban Outfitters' polish line. They have such unique polishes and they had a deal going where you could get 2 for $8, so I picked up five on my trip there. I wish Hawaii had an Urban Outfitters because they have such unique things there, but sadly Hawaii is void of many great shops that you continental US (mainland) folks have.

Well, the color of the bunch that I have up to show you today is called Baby Boy. This color I sort-of showed you guys on Sunday when I used it to layer over one of the Dazzle Glaze polishes. This is an aqua blue cream polish. In photos is appears more of a sky blue.

Sorry if my hand position looks weird in these photos. The bottles are square, so they have 90 degree angles and bottles shaped like that I have a hard time getting my fingers to cooperate.

Like I said, these polishes are sold just at Urban Outfitters as far as I know as they are made under their brand. I think their polishes are worth going out of your way to one of their stores to get, they are so pretty! Each polish retails for $5, and often you can find a basket of some of these beauties on sale for $0.99, which this one so happened to be one of them!

Well, that's all I have to share with you guys today. I hope you enjoyed, and if you have any Urban Outfitter polishes you'd like to show me, or even show me your Urban Outfitter polish collection if you have any (I am dying to know if anyone does), link in the comments!

That's all for now, talk to you guys later! Bye!

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