Saturday, February 22, 2014

Huge Polish/Cosmetics Blogger Giveaway in the Works

Hey guys! Back again so soon after my last post, not even 10 mins but I had to share with you guys my upcoming plans.

I planned after my huge indie polish maker giveaway that I would do the same after it was done, but instead indie polish makers, I would make it for polish/cosmetic bloggers.

I have been doing giveaways where I have been having sponsors, polish makers, put up a prize for my viewers/likers/followers for the past two or three. I haven't done one where it was bloggers, and also where I actually gave away something MYSELF (because shipping is so high I try not to do it SOO much, it's not that I am cheap), that I figured it was time for me to do one.

I have saved up a nice stash of polishes so my prize will be full and lovely!

I am just looking now for a ton of my polish and cosmetic blogger fans/followers/likers and friends who would love to participate with me and put up a prize! I could do the giveaway solo, but it's more fun with a lot of people! Probably after this one, after I give it some time and rest from giveaways, I will do a solo one, but this one will be with a bunch of girls.

So any polish bloggers or cosmetics bloggers that follow my blog and/or Facebook page and want to be a part of a giveaway of mine, let me know! Comment on this post here letting me know and/or message me on Facebook at

I hope I get a huge response and will make this a nice big giveaway with many chances for people to win some lovely products!

Well, that's all I have for you guys now. I will have something up on Instagram soon advertising my giveaway, so look out for that. I will talk to you all later, bye!


  1. I'm interested! I have contributed towards 2 combined giveaways so far. (IG: @beginnails, email: - Kristi

    1. Thank you for wanting to join. Message my page on Facebook, The Polish Diva with your details and such.

  2. I'm down! Let me see what all I can scrounge up and I'll message you on Facebook! :)