Wednesday, February 19, 2014

New York Color Top of the Gold Top Coat

*Purchased By Me

Hey guys! Today I have something new to show you that I spotted out shopping this weekend.

This weekend, I went shopping with my mom at CVS, and I noticed some new, or at least new to me, topcoats from NYC (New York Color). I was shocked as it takes like forever and a day for any displays in any stores here to update with new makeup products, so when I saw them I had to pick them up.

One of the new topcoats that I picked up was their new gold leaf effect topcoat called Top of the Gold. You have probably seen brands like OPI and such come out with 18k or so gold topcoat flakies. While this polish does not include any real gold, this is supposed to simulate the effect that one of those types of topcoats gives.

Before I show you this lovely topcoat, I'd like to show you guys the polish that I topped this over. This is another NYC polish, from their Long Wearing line. The name of this one is Wine Bar, and the name fits the color perfectly. This is a nice red wine, burgundy color. I did two coats. I could have done with three, but I thought two looked nice.

I topped it with the Top of the Gold topcoat. I decided on two coats just for a really gold effect. I love this topcoat, it delivers what it says it will. I love the flakie look of it.

NYC Long Wearing nail enamel retails for $0.99 and NYC Top of the Gold retails for $1.99. This topcoat may be limited edition, I am not sure on that, so if you like what you see pick it up as soon as you can. I found mine at CVS, but you may be able to find this at any store that sells NYC products.

Well, that's all I have for you guys today! I hope you enjoyed! I'll talk to you all later. Bye!

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